Addictive personality and dating

One of the most significant risks to consider these days is the potential for contracting HIV or AIDS from careless sexual behavior, but for individuals with an addictive personality, the thrill of the experience far outweighs the consequences that may follow.

Many times alcohol addiction is combined in the category of drug addiction; however, since drug addiction mostly involves the use and abuse of controlled substances and alcohol addiction does not, we will separate the two.

Individuals who pursue this type of behavior to quell their personal turmoil put themselves at risk in a number of ways including: the risk for pregnancy, the risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease or infection, the risk for encountering a violent partner and the risk for damaging existing relationships.

The risks that lie in sexual addiction however, are not enough to deter individuals with addictive personality disorder from engaging in dangerous levels of sexual interaction.

Individuals with addictive personality disorder who engage in sex as a means of stress release often do so in such a way that they pose a significant risk to themselves.

These individuals often take part in sex in group settings where their traditional inhibitions are abandoned, they often take part in unprotected sex and they often take part in spontaneous sex with partners whom they have never met before.

Drugs include illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine and meth amphetamine in addition to prescription drugs such as pain killers.

The truth of the matter is, however, that many individuals turn to sex as a method for stress release, but in individuals with addictive personality disorder, this engagement in sexual behavior often becomes dangerous.It is ironic in a way that shopping can provide a release from the strains of financial responsibility because this form of release only adds to the financial strain.One of the least talked about types of addiction is sex addiction.Many times individuals with addictive personality disorder who get sucked in to a gambling habit find themselves losing everything they own, including their house and car.Where many drug addicts get their high in terms of a physical process when their drug of choice takes effect, gamblers get their “high” in a number of ways.

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