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UVM has everything, and even if you have never tried something before college is the perfect time to try new things! You can go out drinking or you can have just as a good of a time watching a movie posted up on a big screen outside.

There is a lot of partying, but that is not what UVM is all about.

Most people do drink but it's not a huge deal if you still go out but don't like to get drunk.

Lots of nights my roommates and I will just stay in our dorm, chill, play games, watch a movie. Only a few but they're mostly just the small group of business students.

If you want to party you can, but if you don't want to, you won't be pressured.

I lived on central campus, where the dorms were smaller (and kind of gross).

You usually make friends with the kids in your hall freshman year, and they will probably end up being your best friends of all. Administration tries very hard to suppress drinking on campus, but it's hard to get in trouble if you are smart about it.

Greek life has taken a few hard hits the past couple years, but it's still the biggest group on campus.

Hockey games are the big events to go to; tickets go fast and kids have a grand old time at Patrick Gym cheering for the Catamounts.

For those who do not drink (and for those who do), the school holds fun events every night on campus so there are plenty of things to do for everyone.

There are so many clubs and extracurriculars on campus that is virtually impossible to be involved with everything.

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