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that was it for me, I was set for life, I was about 7. I tried to buy 'skylark' but she was chartering off the pier or something?? 'Navigator', 'Letitia 2' and little Stevie Meddles 'Ranger 3'. the owner thought Kylix, but I think not, maybe Vulcan or a modified Barcarole.. She is Belgian flagged and in Holland by the look of the pics.. If you are interested you may have a photo or two of mine at present called 'Banjo' I dislike the name and so may change it. April 05, Antonia is back on the water, and having sorted out the rigging, and managed to get the heads door open again after they tightened the rig excessively, she hopes to get out sailing! Glad the bush telegraph we have worked for you, She has been in touch with several other owners! I owned Banjo from 92 to 95 and kept her in Conyer Creek, Kent and sailed her in the Thames Estuary.she was the first to have a fwd 'wheil'arse' ...) No not a big Eventide but indeed a steel 'Vulcan' design by MG. I am pleased to say that the owner, Douglas has registered. We have noticed that the boat is looking tidier and shipshape now. hoping to get more measurements from Marc, the owner. We have been able to put another Vulcan owner in touch.. I seem to remember seeing her on the Blackwater years ago, she is now on the Exe. We are pleased to say Antonia has now registered with us so are able to put her in touch with two other Bawley design owners. I bought her from Mike Godfrey (Marine Engineer / Admiralty Surveyor) who had owned and restored her for the previous ten years.This one was found at Maldon, Sept 04, the owner saying he had just bought her and was interested in us, I will drop in a welcome pack to him. Whatever MG design she is, she is certainly looked after! I continued Mikes update and restoration until divorce forced her sale to Alan Gimes.I have most of her history of original build and restoration.The yard is obviously closed and a house or two built on the site.So it would seem that another yard building "proper boats" has gone. I found her on the mud by Two Tree Island, she had let her riding scope get caught around her bridle anchors.She was built for a friend of Maurice Griffiths and is to a far better specification than usual.

The deck and Cabin top are all new in marine plywood sheathed on GRP. She has old style opening deck hatches and bronze opening ports. JAck's adventures in this race featured in an hour-long ITV programme which was available on video at one time. Hole in stbd quarter and port bow, mud and sea and tide slooching thru her. Vibrated like hell and caused years of leaks as the beds were bolted thru the planks, but it never faulted or failed....loud?? A lesson for all, a Medusa 25 found in South Africa by Willie Laing. Original cast bronze fittings have been re used with several vintage additions that have been sourced locally and abroad. Timber, construction, planked in ply and built in Rhodesia, the owner who built it planned to use her to escape, sailing from South Africa. She was also entered in the AZAB (Azores and Back) race some years ago, sailed by Jack Taylor, also of the PMC. With a dive bottle and dry suit, I felt her curves in zero viz. lifted her with airbags, hauled her out in Campers, ..knocked in some good mahogany planks and caulked her, all 24 hrs. (till I sailed her home to Leigh then the old tarbut pump never stopped banging away in the cockpit) .. Rented a hi-pressure washer and blasted out all the mud, again. I gave it a few mins, let it warm not hot, stopped it, changed the oil again and ran it. As a footnote I have just found an article written by Jim Andrews. He also reveals that due to an accident with the frames, she was rather slacker bilged that she aught to be and so over built she floated a lot deeper than she was supposed to. The original fit-out including the ceiling has been reinstalled maintaining the original configuration of the boat which works well due to the huge amount of room the raised deck design offers.All deck beams and carlines have been renewed as are all keel She was fitted with a new Yanmar 3GM 30 F 3-cylinder diesel in 2001, that has done only 200 hours. Safari is the sister ship to Tamaris and was built alongside Tamaris at the Johnson and Jago yard at Leigh on Sea in 1950.Currently used as a fishing / day boat, she offers accommodation for three with a galley and basic heads. She is ownered by Goeffrey Barker and has been totally refurbished over the past 12 years. The vessel was built for a friend of Maurice Griffiths who was a large man . This and other small details were the only differences in the two vessels. Barcarole now has her own page on the Builders and Restorers section.

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