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"In the middle of it, she comes alive and seems to like what I'm doing, but the next day she's uninterested again. Also, I don't enjoy the beginnings that much because I want to feel wanted by her, not like I have to kick start her engine every time.I'm not one of these guys who just wants to satisfy himself.Now, not only do I not get my sexual needs met, but I feel rejected because most of the time I get shot down when I initiate."Stacey, slim, darkhaired, sits rigidly in her chair. It's like raw sex is the only thing he wants from me.

As he contained himself so she felt less under seige and more cared for, eventually they could've found a frequency that felt okay to each, checked off this particular glitch on their list of relationship issues, and left therapy reasonably satisfied.When they remain focused on and ask questions of one of those inner experiences, they find that it's more than merely a transient thought or emotion.Within each of us is a complex family of subpersonalities, which is why we can have so many contradictory and confusing needs simultaneously, especially around sex.I try to be as warm as I can get myself to be; I don't want to just lie there like a dead fish.And, usually, at a certain point, I can work myself up so that I'm into it, sort of.

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