Half life 2 validating steam files

Now that I think about it, I've had these weird pink-texture issues before in Lost Coast, but they've been so isolated to that one tech-demo that I didn't really care, because the problem never popped up anywhere else.

It seemed to be related to alt-tabbing in and out of the game.

showtopic=4575 For more methods see this thread on the Steam forums which includes similar steps as our support thread: So, I guess we'll follow what is suggested in that Black Mesa thread...

As a matter of fact I have all the above files and considering that all the other games work fine, what are those "Episode 1" specific?Step 2: In the garrysmod folder (1st one not garrysmod/garrysmod/) Create a new folder named "sourcesdk_content" without quotes then in sourcesdk_content create a folder named "mapsrc" without quotes Step 3: Maximize Source SDK Again then open hammer with your Garry's Mod config Step 4: Do NOT create a new map, yet we need to do one more thing thats IMPORTANT. then remove the FGD currently used, it's not the right one and replace the "base.fgd" with the "garrysmod.fgd" found in that garrysmod/garrysmod folder from Step 1, the FGD is at the very bottom.Select it then press Open, then when you get rather than base.fgd, Click OK.I've found installing new drivers over old ones is a bad idea - And even if you uninstall first, the uninstaller usually does a shitty job of cleaning up the residual files, and that can cause problems later.Edit: Are you having this problem anywhere besides Valve games?

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I downloaded it again and now Episode One works just fine!

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