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If you have cohabited with the same partner for a period of five years or more then you can ask a judge to declare this to be a ‘de facto’ marriage, but you will be expected to provide evidence of the relationship, which may mean calling witnesses to testify on your behalf or providing documentation such as bank statements.

When you marry in Panama any property you acquire during the marriage is considered to be jointly owned by you and your spouse, unless you have organised a pre-nuptial agreement.

This includes a valid passport which must show when you first entered the country.

All expats that wish to marry in the country should also provide a medical certificate which shows that they are in good health.

For this to apply the wedding must take place and be registered in Panama.

The necessary applications must then be made to the appropriate authorities to obtain the relevant documentation.

The third type of divorce is a unilateral divorce which granted if one spouse is considered to be at fault for the marriage breakdown.

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These cannot be members of the family and if the witnesses are also expats they must produce their passports which prove they are legally in the country.

Occasionally an expat may be required to produce a birth certificate which has been translated into Spanish.

A couple can be granted a mutual consent divorce if they are both in agreement that the marriage has come to an end, but there are other types of divorce which are available in Panama.

A unilateral divorce is the type granted if only one spouse wants to end the marriage.

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The translation of the document must be validated by the Panamanian authorities.

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