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A couple can be granted a mutual consent divorce if they are both in agreement that the marriage has come to an end, but there are other types of divorce which are available in Panama.A unilateral divorce is the type granted if only one spouse wants to end the marriage.Pre-nuptial agreements are legal in Panama and should detail exactly what each partner would be entitled to in the event of a marriage breakdown.Those who are in a same-sex relationship cannot marry in Panama, even if they have done so in another country this union cannot be registered in Panama and will not be legally recognised, so couples in this situation have no legal rights in the event of a relationship breakdown and should draw up legal documentation which covers their property ownership while they are in the relationship.An expat is able to begin divorce proceedings in their home country, even if the marriage took place in Panama.In some countries this will mean that the non-Panamanian gets a favourable hearing and will benefit more than they would if they divorced in Panama.

This will involve a trial in court and you may find that you need a translator if you do not speak fluent Spanish.

This includes a valid passport which must show when you first entered the country.

All expats that wish to marry in the country should also provide a medical certificate which shows that they are in good health.

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