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Rather than sit home on a Saturday night, Kelly decided to dive in."While you can meet these men through any dating avenue, there seems to be a higher likelihood on the Internet."Since her book came out last year, Kelly has heard about a few new methods for meeting people, like "silent dating," where people meet in a group setting like speed dating but don't talk. Kelly said it's something she would try - if she were in the market.Center Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in New Milford, is located on Poplar Street and Elm Street Extension.But Kelly said she's trying to draw parallels between a man hunt and a job hunt, encouraging people to put the same thought, skill and effort into the search for a life partner that they do for life's work. "It's simply getting out there and putting yourself in a position to succeed." Kelly's experiences added up to a 244-page book, but the pressing question is: Did her findings work for her?Yes, she said in an interview from her Southern California home.

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