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For a complete list of supported building blocks and more information on layout restrictions, please refer to the "Creating App Widget Layouts" section in the App Widgets API Guide.

Widgets are a great mechanism to attract a user to your app by "advertising" new and interesting content that is available for consumption in your app.

Widgets typically fall into one of the following categories: Information widgets typically display a few crucial information elements that are important to a user and track how that information changes over time.

Good examples for information widgets are weather widgets, clock widgets or sports score trackers.

This limits the gesture support that is available in a widget compared to a full-screen app.Just like the teasers on the front page of a newspaper, widgets should consolidate and concentrate an app's information and then provide a connection to richer detail within the app; or in other words: the widget is the information "snack" while the app is the "meal." As a bottom line, always make sure that your app shows more detail about an information item than what the widget already displays.Besides the pure information content, you should also consider to round out your widget's offering by providing navigation links to frequently used areas of your app.Allowing users to resize widgets has important benefits: Planning a resize strategy for your widget depends on the type of widget you're creating.List or grid-based collection widgets are usually straightforward because resizing the widget will simply expand or contract the vertical scrolling area.

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Regardless of the widget's size, the user can still scroll all information elements into view.

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