Calendar dating for previous years

The Julian Day number does just that, with day 0 assigned to be 1 January 4713 BC.

The Julian Day number for any day can be seen by clicking on the date, the table then shows the various dates that different countries assigned to that day.

Clicking on any date will show what the date of that day was in all of the 13 countries in the table below the calendar.

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Here is an historical calendar for the years 1000 to 2100. The calendar in use for a particular year varied from country to country for many centuries.

So having selected the year, choose from among 13 countries using the drop down menu on the top right of the calendar.

The calendar can show how a particular day can have different dates in different countries.

For example, the Great Fire of London started on 1666 September 2 (see Pepys' Diary), Julian day number 2329809.

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The table of dates in various countries shows that all other countries name this day 1917 November 7.

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