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Perhaps this is what drew him to Gerard.---*---After Frank meets Gerard through a day-to-day encounter like any other, it's the same story you've heard a thousand times over.But could it really be as simple as that for someone as ordinary as Frank?"You'll see shit you don't want to.""This kind of stuff doesn't bother me, Gee. William Beckett, a gay actor who keeps getting shuttled into B-List movies, scores the opportunity of a lifetime when he's cast opposite famous actor Gabe Saporta in Pete Wentz's latest film. In the year of 2019, the world was struck by deadly solar flares, and the results were catastrophic. But when the day is done, they're all just running from something. A long burn fic about mental illness, struggles, and relationships.

You live in studio apartment by yourself, you freelance, which means you don’t have steady work hours and you are single and don’t even have a pet.””Thanks Ma.” Gabe Saporta is the first gay Bachelor in the history of The Bachelor.Frank Iero has always had the strange ability of being able to sew up his own wounds without stitches, heal a broken animal with a single touch.Nobody calls me Scarlett, everyone calls me Letti, Scarlett is my ‘Sunday’ name, or to be used in the heat of the moment.Painfully sad eyes, shattered by the truth, they sparkled like broken glass as tears slid down his cheeks.Party poison swallowed, closing his eyes not wanting to see the damage he had done, he had never wanted this.

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"I've seen your face, now I can't stop thinking about making you mine." Frank is the new kid at school that everyone's suddenly drawn to. Gerard takes a bordering-on-obsessive fascination with the kid and wants to know just exactly what he is hiding, apart from the fact he accidentally happened upon learning about Frank's cross-dressing tendencies, totally on accident.

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