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Found on a small side street near Piccadilly Circus, Chinawhite is the place to see and be seen.

It is estimated that the club has roughly 1400 members, of which half are complimentary memberships extended to celebrities.

Sporting fantastically opulent decor with Chinese day beds, deep red tapestries and Sumatran carvings lining the walls, this VIP members club has a history of being at the forefront of London’s most innovative club scene allowing it to build up more mystique than any other of its kind, it would seem Chinawhite has become an urban legend (as well as a London institution) in it’s own right as only a select few may walk the hallowed halls of this favourite haunt of the rich and famous with members and regulars including Pierce Brosnan, Mel B, Ja Rule, P Diddy, Jordan & Charlotte Church.

The Blue singer and lover of the laydeez hit out a photographer outside London's Chinawhite nightclub.

After all, as the age-old saying states, sex sells. Make 14- and 40-year old boys at least work a bit to find the steamy material.

has been around for a long time, since 2005 in fact.

Windows Phone has a widely known downside: It lacks 3rd party apps.Windows Phone is being marketed as a low-cost smartphone, perfect for the younger crowd and first time smartphone owners.I for one would pause recommending the hot Lumia 900 along with other Windows Phones for younger kids because of the amount of sleazy apps. If there’s a market for T&A apps (there is), then it would behoove Microsoft and developers to include them.The categories in Windows Phone’s Marketplace are filled with them. Android had a good deal of explicit material in the beginning as well.These dirty apps are the top hits in Entertainment, Music Video, Lifestyle, and Health Fitness. This isn’t about sheltering youngsters from boobs — rather, Microsoft has failed to give developers freedom and a chance to succeed while at the same time keeping potentially offensive material from sitting so close to the surface. Google effectively countered the lewd material with a smarter storefront.

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Sure, the major ones are there in Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds and even Spotify, Rdio and Reddit browsers.

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