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Approxi- mately .50 a day per person will insure good and comfortable hotel ac- commodation and three meals.) ANCHORAGE Anchorage, European plan. In 1937, Platinum was Alaska's newest boom town with a popula- tion of forty-eight white men and two white women.

55.00 Nome Candle ^ Kotzebue - (Consult local trave 1 agency) Barrow J Ixii TOURS FOR ROUND- TRIPPERS HOTELS AND MEALS (Rates based on information supplied by travel agencies; hotels and roadhouses listed are not especially recommended or preferred to others, but are those at which "round-trippers" usually halt en route. The time-traveler might journey in 1939 west beyond the western- most city in continental United States to Goodnews Bay, Alaska.

In the roadhouse, waiting for the Laporte to pull off the bar, the total male white population of Platinum talked shop. The Lena and Amur rivers in USSR, where American engineers installed five gold dredges for the Ural Platinum Trust and showed the Russians how to run 'em.

She was ulti- mately floated off, just in time to miss a storm that would have scuttled her. Lae, in New Guiana, where four 1,200-ton dredges and two hydroelectric plants were freighted in over the mountains by plane.

Smudge on the horizon marked the position of the freighter Laporte, laden with two thousand tons — 500,000 dollars' worth — of dredge, fast on a sand bar.

Their walrus-skin boats rested upside down on the beach.From the collection of the Prejinger ^ Uibrary San Francisco, California 2008 A GUIDE TO ALASKA LAST AMERICAN FRONTIER THE MACMILLAN COMPANY NEW YORK • BOSTON • CHICAGO • DALLAS ATLANTA • SAN FRANCISCO MACMILLAN AND CO., Limited LONDON • BOMBAY • CALCUTTA • MADRAS MELBOURNE THE MACMILLAN COMPANY OF CANADA, Limited TOBa NTO AMERICAN GUIDE SERIES A GUIDE TO ALASKA LAST AMERICAN FRONTIER by MERLE COLBY Federal Writers' Project Illustrated John W. Grains, such as rye, wheat, oats, and barley, are successfully grown in the Interior, away from the wet coastal area, and hardy vegetables can be grown almost anywhere, even within the Arctic Circle.Troy, Governor of Alaska, Sponsor NEW YORK THE MACMILLAN COMPANY 1939 Copyright, I93i37 4-5 days 47.50 Skagway 1.153 4-5 days 47-50 Sitka 1.335 5-6 days 47-50 Cordova 1.599 4-5 days 61.50 Valdez 1,686 5-6 days 62.50 Seward 1,856 6-7 days 65.00 Seatde Unalaska 1,962 9 days S80 to .00 (direct, via ocean St. Alaska potatoes not long ago took first prize at a State fair in Minnesota. Beyond was a spanking new roadhouse, the most imposing structure of the settlement, with its dining room and kitchen on the first floor and its sleeping room crowded with cots on the second. On a sandspit were perched two long, single-story trading posts, one of which con- tained the post office.

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