Riccardo cocchi yulia zagoruychenko dating

I started dancing when I was four years old with Russian folk dance. But I could earn some money and pay for my private lessons. That's why sometimes people mix me with the Ukraine nationality.

About seven years old I started doing ballroom dancing. And it was funny… how my mom helped me to collect money, because I could not really deal with them. And Riccardo, how old were you when you started dancing? We thought that Yulia was the best girl on the floor.

The changing room is under the floor, basically on the lower level. You come up the stairs and you just walk on the floor when they call you. Then fourth place was called… Andrei and Katerina. We have open conversations and I accept any criticism she gives me and she accepts what I think.

It was like a big step for me to place in front of them. Everything is constructive; it never ever should be negative in any way.

America works all together to get the best results for the nation. You don’t like to hear that, but you know that it’s coming from the ones that love you and they want for you the best. In a way, if you have your teacher supporting you and it’s a normal relationship, you can be skeptical. Basically in the end, what we have to decide is just between Yulia and I. The only income we can have is doing shows or teaching a little bit. We have had a lot of propositions to do Dancing With The Stars. But to go back to ballroom, I couldn’t really imagine myself doing that. In my young age I started dancing both programs, which is usual for Russia, and when I was about 16 years old I stopped standard and continued to do only Latin. And I didn’t think that I could have a good relationship with Riccardo. I know it is going to be good passion and energy, but how are we going to get along together. We just let the other person finish speaking and then explain. We’re still working day by day on the technical things because we want to adjust the technical things in our body or in our feeling. it’s a book, a technical book that allows you to do some things, but you are not allowed to do other things. I think Latin American dancing basically changes the aspect every six months, because somebody else can give something else.

And you feel the support of the people, you feel appreciated that you’re dancing for this country. Because even when I dance for Italy, and I had the most success for Italy, I didn’t feel so much appreciated by the country. In this case you cannot, because that’s your girlfriend and they want for you the best and it’s the boyfriend, he loves her and wants the best. It was interesting for me to feel how my style will come out while dancing with Riccardo. Do you ever see your careers taking you toward something like Dancing With The Stars? But basically when we are practicing, we don’t teach. I had the opportunity in Italy when I had a break from competing. But we want to invest our time to practice and to win the world title. I have 30 years of hard work and she has the same thing, since when we were born basically, in this sport. We have experienced other couples fighting verbally on the floor during practice or during a lesson and it’s a little uncomfortable. You have to let yourself go sometimes, and understand what you’re doing could be a mistake for some people, but for everybody it is just a free interpretation. The most important thing is to give yourself what you have to do.

We were shocked in every way to be already in front of such a good couple like Skufca. If we do not agree, we have to spend more time to clarify what we say.

Their brave effort to create the artistry they envision is happily being embraced by the dancesport community.My opinion: Yulia and Riccardo are the deserving winners.I am watched them grow and progress to become one of the most mesmerizing couples of all time. I mean Riccardo is great, but Yulia is just perfection.The catch is..year Yulia and Riccardo switched teachers.Riccardo had a romantic relationship with Shirley Ballas, but that ended this year.

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