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How is he still on the voter roles for somebody to vote in his place in 2016?" asked Saltzman."He would be removed if the Department of Health knew about it at the state level and then the state notifies us," Schmidt said.He cited things like poll workers scanning the wrong name, a person who would have signed in the wrong spot, or a son with the same name who may have voted in his dead father's place instead of his own.Saltzman also asked Schmidt about how people like Timothy Turner could still be an active voter in Philadelphia."Timothy Turner died in 2006.We only use these notifications to cancel a voter's record due to death.We also do a door canvas of those individuals who are designated as deceased, when the Election Board makes a notation in the Poll Book discrepancy sheet.He told Saltzman he wasn't happy about it."I figure whoever is running the voter registration ain't doing their job, for them to still have my father's name and for him to have been deceased for 10 years," said Darryl Turner.The Committee of Seventy also cautions that intentional fraud is a tiny fraction of the one million votes cast in the City of Philadelphia."Clearly dead people shouldn't be casting ballots," added David Thornburgh.

Our understanding is that an examination of the actual records by the Commissioners' Office revealed no evidence of impropriety but rather clerical errors like voters signing the wrong line or workers scanning the wrong code inadvertently.It sounds like it, unless he is coming back from the dead," he said.Action News also visited the former neighborhood of Concetta Gallara. When asked if there was a way Gallara could have voted, her former neighbor Jeanie Pizzo told Saltzman, "I don't know, it's awfully funny." Saltzman asked Schmidt."It definitely makes it so that there is an opportunity for it," Schmidt replied.Schmidt also said the dead voters we uncovered will be removed from the rolls.

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Like Investigative Reporter Wendy Saltzman on Facebook: https:// of State Statement:"The Department of State is committed to assisting the counties in maintaining the most accurate and up-to-date voter rolls possible.

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  2. But I also feel that, if a public figure is going to be publicly brought down like this (yes, even by a private university), then the detailed findings of the investigation should likewise be made public, regardless of how embarrassing they are.