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Schmidt also said deceased voters would remain on the election rolls if Philadelphia County wasn't informed of their death.

We told Turner's son about his father's "vote from the grave".

He cited things like poll workers scanning the wrong name, a person who would have signed in the wrong spot, or a son with the same name who may have voted in his dead father's place instead of his own.

Saltzman also asked Schmidt about how people like Timothy Turner could still be an active voter in Philadelphia."Timothy Turner died in 2006.

It sounds like it, unless he is coming back from the dead," he said.

Action News also visited the former neighborhood of Concetta Gallara. When asked if there was a way Gallara could have voted, her former neighbor Jeanie Pizzo told Saltzman, "I don't know, it's awfully funny.

Wendy Saltzman asked Bunch's former neighbor if that seemed impossible."I believe so.If a Philadelphia registered voter dies in another state, the death certificate is issued in that State.It is my understanding that the State where the death occurred may or may not notify the State of the deceased...We provide the counties lists of voters who have died several times per month.""The Department was unable to verify the data comparison provided by ABC 6 because the counties keep the original polling place records that are necessary for full verification.Our understanding is that an examination of the actual records by the Commissioners' Office revealed no evidence of impropriety but rather clerical errors like voters signing the wrong line or workers scanning the wrong code inadvertently.

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