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People who purchase a bigger HDD for their 360 are the ones who need this cable. THAT FOLDER IS THE ONLY THING YOU WILL DRAG onto the 360 hard drive....8) Open the "xport 360/xplorer360" or w.e program you have, depending on what transfer cable your using.9) A window will come up and you will select your HDD (it will most likely come up as "Device 1: XBox 360 Hard Disk Drive Size 20.00 GB) and then click "OK" or "OPEN"10) Now select "Xbox 360 Devices Connected to My Computer"11) then select "device 1:xbox 360 hard disk drive size 20.00 gb"12) select: partition 3 53450030 (this is why you needed a gamesave, that is the nfl 2k5 gamesave)13)Finally drag the folder mentioned in step 6 to the right side of the window with all the other gamesaves listed. Although the game is backwards compatible, it doesn't take advantage of the thumb drive.

IF YOU DO GET THIS CABLE YOU MUST DOWNLOAD XPLORER360 or XPORT360*recommended*For xport360 v1.07 click here: and easiest way to find any roster your looking for. You will use these extracted files to drag and drop)5) double click to open UDATA folder6) double click to open next folder (should say something like "53450030")7) there you will see a single folder labeled with numbers and letters and 4 files. (It should automatically drop in and copy into the HD)Put the harddrive back on you 360, load the game, go to settings, and load the new save. * Firstly: I have been asked a number of times how one can transfer their rosters via a usb drive.

and If someone is tried of this game, they will sell their game at least half price, right?

Unless OP has a friend who has an Xbox One and NHL 17, then the point about borrowing it is moot.

Next download the latest update for the Xbox from here.

Just scroll down to the Copy to a USB flash drive section and click on the Download the Update file link.

https://com/en-US/xbox-360/console/system-updates-info#42c50946c0004f369026ca95e2579c01 It’s a little over 100 MB.

(if we won't be playing any online multiplayer games)thx for the replies thus far.

(if we won't be playing any online multiplayer games) Yes, but I think is still better to just borrow someone's and play. I am thinking getting a free trial, or some free return might fit for OP.

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