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Scope is a value that identifies the target of the client; it can be as granular as a single operation of the Web service or as broad as an application domain.

The token issued by the STS can contain usage constraints that correspond to the scope of the request.

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Figure 1 illustrates the process by which a security token is issued to the client by the STS and then used to authenticate with a service, which then returns a response to the client. STS token issuance and request/response As illustrated in Figure 1, the following steps describe STS token issuance and request/response process: A client may also specify the scope of the request for a security token to the STS.The authentication broker should issue signed security tokens that can be used for authentication.How does the Web service verify the credentials presented by the client?This page may contain URLs that were valid when originally published, but now link to sites or pages that no longer exist.Context Problem Forces Solution Resulting Context Extensions Related Patterns More Information Web services need to authenticate clients in a heterogeneous environment so that additional controls such as authorization and auditing can be implemented.

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The organization has decided to use an to provide a common access control infrastructure for a group of applications.

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