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Noncitizens faced legal and societal discrimination. Legal and societal discrimination against persons with HIV/AIDS and based on sexual orientation and gender identity remained problems. Trafficking in persons, mistreatment and sexual abuse of foreign domestic servants and other migrant workers, and discrimination against persons with disabilities remained problems, although the government took steps to prevent them.During the year the government reported it took steps to investigate allegations of mistreatment and abuse made by detainees.

Some prisons were reportedly overcrowded, especially in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Other reported human rights problems included police and prison guard brutality.

The government continued to interfere with citizens’ privacy rights, including increased arrests and detentions following individuals’ internet postings or commentary.

The prisoners also alleged that guards threatened them with HIV infection, sexual abuse, death, or further torture for not admitting to charges.

In 2012 a Syrian national reported abuse prior to and during imprisonment after being arrested in 2011.

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While authorities maintained effective control over the security forces, there were some media reports of human rights abuses by police.

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