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2006-2010 Life Through an Autistic Lens Echoes of Mermaids; 2015-present achildlikemewordpress Mother of Autistic; 2016-present Stims, Stammers and Winks 2013-2015 Aspie Miss 30s; Woman; Dx29; SEN teacher, Liverpool, UK; 2016-present Silence Breaking Sound 2015-2016 ischemgeek Woman, Dx18 ; 2013-2016 Austicnick 40s; Male; Dx41; Single ; 2017-present The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple Mother of Autistic; 36; Dx36; ADHD, dyspraxia; educator; 2016-present Reading Autistically 2016-present Giraffe Party Dx20s; Anx, OCD, ADHD, CPTSD, PTSD, Dep, chronic pain, chronic illness, fibromyalgia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia; LGBTQ ; Southern California, USA; Facebook; 2015-2016 autisticinnerspace comics; 2011-present Autistic Future R.

Larkin Taylor-Parker; 25; Non-binary; Dx6; JD grad, sunbelt, musician, plays with trucks ; Medium, Tumblr; 2016-present Mamautistic 34; Mother of Autistic and NT; Dx30s; FB, dep, anx, SPD; married; Writer, musician, bibliophile, and logophile in the USA; 2016-present Autism Is My Superpower Dx20s; hyperlexia, sensory issues; Single; Twitter; 2017-present Aspergers and Me Woman, Dx18 ; 2011-2016 Autistic Alex 2014-present autismthoughts 2011-present Living In Limbo Dx17; 2017-present Autism Love 50s; Mother of Autistic son (NSp, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, malformation of cerebellum); Dx40 ; Anx, CPTSD, Dep, ED, OCD; infreq; Autism and I/DD Advocate; A Voice from the Spectrum, Eating My Pain; 2011-present The Autistic Fox Male; 2016-present unwrittengrace Grace; 24; Woman; Dx9; bi-racial Christian wannabe writer; 2013-present Add a pinch of bipolar Mother of Autistic daughter (6); Dx36; bipolar; Married; ASD school teacher and fitness instructor ; 2014-present tagÂûght Trudy; 40s; Woman; Dx35; Anx, SPD; Single; St.

This is a reality show based on the life of Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Dr Rey accomplishes this for two patients on the program. The show follows a young woman through her experience before, during and after the surgery and her ultimate satisfaction with the results.

43; Mother of Autistic son (15) and ADHD son (11); Dx36; Anx, GAD, Dep, CPTSD, bisexual, chronic pain/fibromyalgia, synesthesia, hyperlexia; Married to NT; observations on parenting, scholarship, geekhood, and sensory input; 2011-present 21andsensory Emily; 20s; Woman; Dx18-; SPD, OCD, Anx, hyperhidrosis, dyslexia; based in UK; Instagram, Twitter; 2015-present Neurodivergent Rebel Christa Holmans; Woman; Dx29; Anx; Twitter addict & You Tube content creator; 2016-present Diary Of A Birdmad girl 2017-present Ellen, From Now On 2012-present The Holistic Bee Destiny; 22; Woman; Dx21; 2016-present Ultraholic Male; Dx50 ; Dep, SPD, alcoholism, addiction; Los Angeles, CA, USA; web development; 2009-present Stimeyland Mother of Autistic; Dx2012; 2007-present Lori Lori Berkowitz; 51; Woman; Dx38; ADHD; Web Developer; Bee Dragon Web Services; 2004-present Over the Top 2005-2016 Serenity Rayne’s Blog 2017-present Matthew Rozsa Male; Salon; 2011-2016 hanlinsblog Han-Lin Yong; Male; Dx18-; Single; Chinese, Canadian, electronics, health, fitness, gardening, cycling; Instructables; 2015-present yarn and pencil Tracey; 57; Mother of 2 adult children; Dx53; Anx, Dep, hyperacusis, dyscalculia; Married; artist/crafter; 2014-present Elly the Knight Elly; 26; Non-binary; Dx12; bipolar, BPD, GAD, Anx, ADHD, SAD, clubfoot, chronic pain (arthritis), self-harm (in recovery), dyscalculia, SPD; Single; Canadian, queer (aspec), amateur writer; Twitter, Instagram; 2017-present juxtapositionjunkie 2016-present Quirky Missy Magical Land of Lainsil’s World; 2005-present mummyhereandthere Woman; Dx10; Married; 2015-present Mademoiselle Women Lydia; Woman; Dx15; 2013-present Bogi Takács – writer, editor, poet, person 2009-present Attend The Minute Particulars Danielle M; 29; Non-binary; Dx20s; ADHD, Anx; artist; Alaska, USA; 2017-present M. Purfield 40s; Father of Autistic child and NT child; Dx40s; Anx, Dep; writer, Jersey City, punk; 2017-present tracycanhazblog Mother; Dx18 ; 2014-present flojoeasydetox 2014-present Ann’s Autism Blog 2014-present An Atheist In Iowa 34; Father of Autistic daugher (suspected), NT daughter, and 2 NT sons; Dx30 ; insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, Dep; Engaged to suspected Autistic; Iowa (Midwest USA); 2017-present Shelley in the Rain Woman; Dx32; SPD, Anx; Married; 2015-present A MINOR FALL/A MAJOR LIFT Dx18 ; bipolar I, auditory SPD; Instagram; 2018-present I Told You I Was Sick 2010-present Autism Appreciation Frank L. 2012-present Achieve more as an autistic adult Male; Dx48; 2013-present Aspie Comic Michael Mc Creary; (website); 2014-present Information on Autism and Asperger Syndrome from Stephen Shore 2003-present Arcadian Gravity Woman; Dx40; theoretical physics; New Zealand; 2017-present Ask an Autistic 2014-present Health Matters For Asperger’s Women 70; Mother of NT daughter, AS daughter, & BAP son, with 3 AS grandsons, 1 AS granddaughter, & 1 BAP granddaughter; Dx60s; 2017-present Remrov’s World of Autism 2015-present Dinah the Aspie Dinosaur comics; 2015-present Artsen met Autisme Doctors with Autism; -present St Elsewhere Male and Transmale; Dx18 ; podcast; representations of autism in media; 2017-present autismspectrumstuff 50s; Parent of daughter (20s; ADHD, suspected Autism); Dx40; ADHD; 2015-present Autistic Flappy Hour podcast; 2015-present Searching for answers to Aspergers Syndrome 2010-2015 Job Sink 2011-2011 Alexa-unranked Autistic blogs (back to top) Abnormal Diversity 20s; Woman; Dx15; PTSD; Single; Canadian psychologist in training, aspiring author; 2006-present Wildeman’s Words Galaxy Zento; 2008-present Dwarren57 Derek; Male; Dx4; Anx; Pennsylvania native; 2009-present Land of My Sojourn Male; Dx18 ; 2009-present The Autistic Atheist Male; Dx30s; Europe; 2009-present AStranger In Godzone Mother of adult; Dx18 ; 2010-present autismjungle Male; Dx18 ; 2010-present The Autistic Voice The Autistic Voice; 2010-present nigelthedragon Stacey Grahame; 28; Woman; Dx14; dyspraxia, arthritis; Seeing someone; 2011-present Restless Hands 2011-present The Autistic Gamer 34; Male; Dx18-; Single; Caucasian freelance writer; reviews games, books, videogames; 2011-present The Not-So Random Thoughts of a Psycho-Educational Consultant 2011-present Thoughts of an Introverted Matriarch Mother of Autistics; 2011-present Autistic Chick 2012-present Full Spectrum Mama 2012-present sleep wake hope and then Woman; Dx20s; 2012-present Jesse Saperstein Male; 2013-present Perpetually Autistic Woman; Dx30 ; bipolarunspecified, No Shame, Not Otherwise Specified; 2013-present The Tudors make me tic 27; Dx26; Engaged; lives in UK; Tourette’s, Irlen, APD, SPD, OCD, Dep, Anx, CPTSD, BPD, psychosis; 2013-present theepicautistic Male; 2013-present Another Spectrum 68; Male; Dx60; migraines; Married to NT; Aotearoa New Zealand; 2014-present Author Violet Haze 2014-present Emmeline 29; Woman; Dx21; Married to NT; Linguist based in Canberra, Australia.

Mother; Dx40; Married; British; 2017-present Autistic and Cheerful 2017-present Planet Autism Parent of Autistics; 2014-present A Life Of A Aspie By Simon Phillips sdp-photographics; 2016-present Michael Forbes Wilcox Male; Dx58; 2011-present Not Too Trapped In My Head Anymore Pablo; 11; Male; Dx3-; NSp; 2018-present bird111au Woman; Dx39; addiction, alcoholism; Facebook; 2017-present Always Aspiegirl Mother; 2012-present Evil Autie 2012-present 35 years old and finally understanding 2017-present Crazy-NOS 2016-present Oh, The Places I’ll Go: My Life With Autism chloerothschild, Blog, Facebook; 2011-2014 Julia Rose the Snarky Autistic Woman; 2017-present the Asian Aspergirl Kitin Miranda; 20s; Woman; Dx20s; OCD; Single; Writer, Filipino, Asian; ; 2017-present Organised Chaos Emma; 17; Dx15; GAD, SPD, alexithymia; 2017-present The Autistic Advocate Father of Autistic; Dx23; 2017-present Life With Asperger’s 30s; Dx30s; Anx, GAD, SPD, ADHD, Dep, OCD, alexithymia, dyspraxia, synesthesia, hyperacusis, Meniere’s, chronic illness, autoimmune; Expresses self best through writing; 2017-present Young & Married 20; Woman; Dx18; double MTHFR mutation; Married; 2018-present Aspiegirl’s Blog Woman; Dx20s; 2011-2012 Welcome to my world Lizzie; 10; Woman; Dx2; 2017-present SOLVE ET COAGULA The Aspie Diaries; 2005-2010 tictoc11’s Blog 20s; Woman; Dx28; 2015-present Aut of Spoons Woman; Dx25; Dep, Anx, LGBTQ (asexual), ED, SAD; Married to ND partner; We Got So Far To Go; 2017-present The autistic doctor Male; 2011-2014 BECCA LORY, CAS, BCCS 40s; Woman; Dx36; Anx, Dep; ASD advocate, life coach, improv teacher, speaker, author; 2017-present My Life on the Spectrum 50s; Woman; Dx50 ; OCD; Single; Substitute Teacher’s Assistant; Facebook; 2016-present the autism crisis Michelle Dawson; 2006-present My Autsome Life 41; Mother of Autistic daughter (19) & son (13) and NT daughter (21); Dx2; Married to NT; life skills teacher, district autism support team member; 2017-present Cracked Mirror in Shalott 2009-present different kind of wallflower 2015-2015 Not another aspie blog 2012-2013 Aspergers Anonymous Woman; Dx42; 2017-present I Still Find It So Hard…

Male; 2012-2015 Aspergers: Through My Eyes Dx8; 2013-present autism: a lifetime undiagnosed 40s; Mother of Autistic son (20s, Dx19); Dx38; PTSD, Anx, Dep, OCD; Married; Canadian; 2015-present Dana Kim Deanna Gardner; 17; Woman; Dx17; Anx, Dep; Artist; 2017-present Meltdown Tracker Morgan; 39; Parent of Autistic son (7); Dx38; comics; teacher, meltdown parent; (website); 2017-present Aspie Girl’s Treehouse Mother; Dx18 ; 2011-2011 windsweptchildonashootingstar Woman; Dx45; 2014-present I Am Aspie Dx47; 2017-present Angry Autie 2013-2016 Odd One Out Odd One Out Extended; 2004-2013 Pensive Aspie Mother; 2014-present Eccentrics United Woman, Dx18 ; 2011-present Goth Mom Gamer Nicole Craig; 34; Mother of Autistic daughter (7; ADHD, OCD, SPD); Dx33; Dep, Anx, ADHD, SPD; Engaged; draws, crafts, and dabbles in photography; Facebook, Twitter; 2015-present Sometimes a Lion Ari Ne’eman; My Support; 2015-present Kaption This Woman; Dx42; Dep, FB, alexithymia; 2017-present Cambria’s Big Fat Autistic Blog 40; Woman; Dx17-; Single; Kentucky, USA; 2014-present theoriesofminds 2014-present Thomas Iland 34; Male; Dx13; In a relationship; CPA, Distinguished Toastmaster; 2015-present dreaming fish 2009-present Square 8 2007-2015 Asperger’s Syndrome in Adults 2012-2014 Whose Planet Is It Anyway?

below identify as Autistic and provided their own blog descriptions (alphabetically-sorted here; sorted by age of blogger here). Autism-focused personal Autistic blogs, listed by Alexa rank Non-Autism-focused personal Autistic blogs, listed by Alexa rank Group Autistic blogs, listed by Alexa rank Autistic blogs with other focuses (news, advice, etc.), listed by Alexa rank Alexa-unranked Autistic blogs and Endnotes Autism-focused personal Autistic blogs, listed by Alexa rank (back to top) The Silent Wave 40; Woman; Dx39; EDS, PTSD, Celiac, other autoimmune, HH; Married; Biracial (Caucasian-Cajun-Native), lives in Texas; Who Loves Kitty, Laina’s Collection, You Tube, Maidenlion; 2008-present Musings of an Aspie Mother; Dx42; Stimtastic Chewable Jewelry, Stim Toys and Fidgets; 2012-2015 Autistic Hoya 2011-present Life on the Spectrum Mother; Dx40; 2010-2015 Everyday Aspie Mother of Autistic; Dx 40s; My Spectrum Suite, Everyday Asperger’s; 2012-present Aspie Under Your Radar 51; gender-fluid butch dyke; DX51; writer, tech geek; The Tip of My Asperger’s, Zen and the Art of Moto Taxi Survival; 2008-present Autistic, Not Weird Male; 2015-present The Autistic Me Male; Dx18 ; 2007-present A is for …

Woman; 2011-2016 So Much Stranger, Darker, Madder, Better 27; Non-binary; Dx27; ADHD, Anx. Unemployed due to criminal label and lack of qualifications; 2017-present An Intense World Troy Camplin; 46; Father of Autistic son and NT daughter and son; Dx45; Married; 2017-present tales by the unexpected 30; Male; Dx30; ADHD, Dep; Belgium; 2016-present Look Me In The Eye John Elder Robison; Father of Autistic adult son; My Life With Asperger’s | Psychology Today; 2007-present jeanettepurkis Jeanette Purkis; 40s; Woman; Dx20; atypical schizophrenia; Australia.

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Dx19; 2017-present Melissa Fields, Autist 57; Gender-nonconforming; Dx36; Single; Artist, writer; 2014-present Aspie from Maine 2010-present My life as autist 2002-2016 Normal Is Overrated Male; 2007-2012 Inside the Mind of an Aspie 2011-2015 Sean Callaghan- Life on the Spectrum Male; Dx5; Sean Callaghan; 2015-present Crabby Centaur 31; Gender Fluid; Dx20s; UK-based; 2015-present Aykayem Andrea; 55; Mother of NT son and BPD daughter; Dx54; Divorced; Australia; Up Too Late, As Usual …; 2005-present Neuro-Divergent Demonstration Non-binary; Dx16; SPD, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, SAD; Facebook; 2017-present Autism worlds-Eye view Steve; 30s; Male; Dx13 ; hyperacusis, dyslexia, Dep; Autism Worlds-Eye Blog; 2015-present Littlest Alien 2016-present Aut Cats Parent of Autistic; -present Autistic Point of View Zane Ghali; 18; Male; Dx14; OCD, ADHD, Anx, Dep, Tourette; Single; Smashwords; 2017-present On the Parent of Autistic; 2016-present SAspie Blog 18; Woman; Dx17; 2017-present Sammi Talk Samantha (Sam) Murphy; 19; Woman; Dx16; Lyme, POTS, bipolar; ADHD; Single; wannabe-writer; Masshole, USA; 2013-present Being Nearly Human 2010-2011 Cat Amongst Wolves Woman; Dx40s; UK; 2017-present A Different Sort of Solitude Male; 2014-present theaspiegirlblog 2016-present Not Your Neurotypical Girl Woman; Dx12; 2016-present bundlejoycosysweet Dx18 ; 2017-present Finding Hope Lauren Alex Hooper; 23; Woman; Dx20; Anx, Dep, BPD, OCD, self-harm, trichotillomania; Music and songwriting (my occupation); laurenalexhooper, Sound Cloud; 2017-present An Aspie’s view on Christianity, Aspergers, Bullying, and everything inbetween Woman; Dx18 ; 2013-2016 Awesometism 2011-2014 Rebekah Gillian 19; Dx17; full-time student; lifestyle blogger; 2015-present innerdragon Woman; Dx20s; Dep, PTSD, OCD, Irlen; 2014-present Eluding Atrophy 34; Non-binary; Dx18 ; Anx, Dep, fibromyalgia; single; 2014-present Subtle Writes Male, Dx18-; 2017-present The Outcast Post Articulate Autistic; 2016-present Not Far From the Tree A Willful Woman…; 2013-present Aspie Daddy Father; Dx28; 2015-present First Gay Aspie Tony; 49; Male; Dx24; Engaged to male Autistic partner; Autistic Sport, Tony’s APAC2013, Tony’s Down Under Blog, The Shack of VK3JED; 1996-present Hyper Inspiration 2013-2015 Roses are Red for Autism Male NSp teen; 2014-present Blogging Astrid Woman; Dx21; blind; Astrid’s Journal; 2002-present Crazy Girl in an Aspie World Mother of Autistic; 2012-present Somewhere On The Spectrum 2009-2013 Life with a Boy named Brayden NSp preteen; 2015-present Megzz’s Life With Asperger’s 2010-present Aaron Parsons 30s; Male; Dx18 ; Married; Religion, Public Opinion, Writing; Lazy Nerd 204, Chiptunes4Autism; 2017-present Ausomely Autistic Dx18-; Anxiety, Cerebral palsy, Scoliosis; Special interests: Art, service dogs, dogs, horses, Parelli, music, vaulting; 2016-present Autistic Shark Autistic Abby Writes, Tumblr; 2013-2015 Felis Autisticus 2015-present The Life of an Aspie Vael, Alyssahuberfilms ~ Artist Portfolio ~ Art for Sale; 2013-present Queer Without Gender 2013-present Unconditional Parenting on the Spectrum Sally; 40s; Mother of Autistic daughter (PDA); Dx14 (but not told until 42); OCD, ED, FB, PDA, SPD, migraines, fibromyalgia; Single; Passionate about autism acceptance, home education, and unconditional, respectful parenting; 2017-present Advice for Asperger’s and Autistim Association Father of Autistics; 2012-2012 Diary Of An Alien 2013-present My Aspie Eyes 2015-2016 The Aspie Teacher Mother of Autistics; Dx36; Tumblr; 2012-present Ad Astra Aspie 2015-present Aspergal 2013-2013 Asperganoid 2015-present Asperger’s and me: life after late diagnosis Mother; Dx30s; 2016-present Folks with Asperger’s 2005-2005 Paula C.

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