My boyfriend has been on dating sites

I think I am a victim here and I am in a big trouble, can you help? What were the reasons that your wife could have possibly cheated?If you may have contributed to her cheating, consider what you could do to change.I know my husband has been having some pretty strange text messages at odd hours and I have seen that he is on several different social media sites.I believe he is cheating but he has his phone and computer on lock down. I feel in my soul something is wrong but I do not want to confront him about this.He was encouraged by his mother until he was suspended from school for stalking and threatening a girl.

I think it was caused by: He lives with his mum and I heard a girl was in his room in May this year Those that are guilty will often assume the other person in the relationship is guilty because if they can cheat, you can cheat. He is deleting and hiding postings before you can see them, so something is, in fact, going on that, he is afraid of you seeing.

If you heard a girl in his room then something was going on - obviously. See more questions like this: What websites are used to check on a guy I've been calling and texting my boyfriend for 3 days now and need to know if he is actually getting them and if he is talking to someone else He is receiving them unless his phone has been off and you get voicemail each time immediately when you call.

His distrust of you since then is further proof that something will happen or has already happened outside the relationship. If you think he is talking to someone else you can try to install a remote spy app, although he will have to download a link or text message pic on his phone for the apps to work, so if he is ignoring you, the link may be ignored as well. If he is ignoring you all of a sudden he better have a really good reason or else you should end the relationship.

I can't afford a private detective but want to know if my boyfriend is cheating. She smells weird down stairs all of the sudden and she is scared to show me her phone. I think it was caused by: I don't know maybe because she has issues She may just have a non-STD infection and searched for what could cause it using her phone and does not want you to see.

If she is speaking to other guys there would be other signs of her pulling away from you and blocks of her time would be left unexplained for instance.

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