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If you tend to really savor your alone time and enjoy longer masturbation sessions, a lube like ASTROGLIDE X might be a better choice, as you’ll find yourself having to reapply less often.

The best thing about using lube on your own is that you only have your preferences to consider, so you can take your time experimenting until you find the formula that’s perfect for you! ) both water and silicone based lubes are good choices since most are latex safe (always make sure to check packaging for condom compatibility).

Some people find that they prefer the sensation of an oil and oil-based lube is also great for giving massages.

4.) Oil Based Lubes If you’re looking for a lube that is seriously long-lasting with a luxurious silky feel an oil-based lube can be a great go-to.

And of course since pure water is about the most natural ingredient out there, these lubes can also be very gentle and soothing to your skin.

Most of ASTROGLIDE’s water based lubes can be used with condoms without compromising their integrity (meaning they won’t cause condoms to rip or tear more easily).

This means that oil-based lubes are better for those who do not need to use condoms.

Another thing to consider is that oil-based lubes can also be hard to clean off of toys and skin, so be prepared to do some extra clean-up afterward.

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