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In 2012, I went out to experience the nightlife and it was badass, now everybody stays home and you should too.When the sun goes down, the shops close for a reason.Try to be soft and gentle in your approach as almost everybody is guarded in Honduras. With a smaller population than San Pedro and in the heart of the messy politics finding quality Honduras girls is hard. Having never been there myself, the people who have tell me that San Pedro is way better, if you can believe that.In other words don’t be like the youtube videos were guys are chasing down chicks and tapping them on the shoulder. People will think our trying to jack them and the cops will put you down right away. Here is a great piece on just how “exciting” Tegucigalpa is if you care to learn more.The everyday hustle and bustle turns into scenes from a zombie movie.

When a black vehicle pulled up, a man from inside said “ You have a pretty wife”.

The locals, who may or may not be attracted to your “foreigner value”, will be decent looking Honduras women looking for a good time.. For night life just head down the west end strip and listen for the music.

Then there are the tourists hunters who will want you to pay for their “company” or find a way to get money out of you. From there ask the locals for any other spots that they might recommend.

Sticking a gun to the husbands head, some goons came out and grabbed the wife. She also went on to say that the night life in La Ceiba was dead.

What a shame, I had heard some many good stories but now I don’t think I’ll come back to La Cieba.

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This last time though, the mall was kinda dead with talent. It wasn’t until I reached Roatan did I find my answer.

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