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Then select both cells and drag the fill handle down.

Excel will keep auto-incrementing the values and you end up with a list of consecutive dates.

(1) Insert a new column set with common dates (the common dates/entries from Time1 to Time5) on the left and prices 1-5 on the right. (note the dates are NOT continuous): Common Date Price 1 Price 2 Price 3 Price 4 Price 5 20010304 938 5732 20010308 25 23325 23 20010309 677 0311 9835 32434 3529 303 43383 (2) This is very different from (1); make the dates column continuous.

Their special features outnumber the regular ones - so much so that there isn't enough space to list them all.

A chosen few at the time of posting, are: Unfortunately, the company keeps their pricing structure fairly hidden, and it takes a bit of searching to find out exactly what their fees and terms are; for instance, the Billing Terms page comes up blank and their Subscribe page makes no mention of associated costs. I'd say it's a good, solid choice if you've got the money, and I most definitely recommend the app, as well as their in-person events (look for "Stir Events" on the website).

We're planning to close the acquisition definitely before the end of January. Can you tell me more about your plans once you acquire Dating Direct? We will launch our new version of Meetic, which is planned to be launched in February in France first and then we will move the platform from Dating Direct to Meetic to join the new version of Meetic. The acquisition is to include uk which is an events service in the U.

So the plan is to first integrate the software and the application from Dating Direct to Meetic's control and to merge the database. So that's what we're planning for the next few months.

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(See: Dating Site Fine Print for more information, as well as my note below).

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