Ashley olsen is dating lance armstrong

Her ex-lover, former dentist Colin Howell, is serving 21 years after he pleaded guilty to the killings.

The jury at Coleraine Crown Court found Stewart guilty after a 15-day trial. Stewart will return to court next Friday when she will learn the minimum jail term she must serve.

She organised clothes to dress the body then watched as Howell carried her husband to the car, placing him beside Lesley.

Vulnerable She took the pipe used to gas their spouses and burned it, cleaned up the bedroom and opened the windows.

She also disposed of evidence including the hose pipe used to gas their spouses.

She opened the garage door and made sure her husband was sleeping in the bedroom.

Going to court and coming from court, they are there.

They hold umbrellas protectively over their mother – they stay close as they can to her side.

At the time their deaths were seen as a double suicide prompted by the revelation that their spouses were having an affair.

The investigation was reopened when Colin Howell confessed to the murders in January 2009.

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