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In Canada and Greenland, Inuit circulated almost exclusively north of the "Arctic tree line", the effective southern border of Inuit society.The most southern "officially recognized" Inuit community in the world is Rigolet in Nunatsiavut.These areas are known in Inuktitut as the "Inuit Nunangat".In the United States, the Iñupiat live primarily on the Alaska North Slope and on Little Diomede Island.But we have had a very large amount of people from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltic countries who have come here to work, which has been a great challenge for Norway,' she said.'The numbers have spiked over the last years with between 60,000 and 100,000 coming every year.The unemployment rate is increasing at the moment and we have a lot of unemployed eastern Europeans living here now.' Most of the people who move to Norway are Swedes and people from other parts of the EU (359,508 from the EU).In an exclusive interview with Mail Online, the Norwegian government's spokesman on migration, Ingjerd Schou, said: 'We would need a political earthquake of some kind in order to become members of the union. the migration crisis.' Even though the country is not a part of the European Union they have still signed the Schengen-treaty of free movement between the European countries, meaning migrants arrived from Denmark and Sweden last year The world’s fourth richest country has never been a part of the EU and nearly everybody Mail Online spoke to - from immigrants to politicians - agreed that avoiding the EU's never ending bureaucracy is worth the price they pay. They will also be handed temporary asylum and our objective is that they will travel back to their separate countries when the situation is safer.

Norway's Labour and Social Affairs minister Robert Eriksson has claimed that 125,400 of the countries 5 million citizens are using this system for their own benefit and adds that 37 percent of them are immigrants.

The Greenlandic Inuit are descendants of ancient indigenous migrations from Canada, as these people migrated to the east through the continent.

They are citizens of Denmark, although not of the European Union. They had split from the related Aleut group about 4,000 years ago and from northeastern Siberian migrants, possibly related to the Chukchi language group, still earlier, descended from the third major migration from Siberia. Researchers believe that Inuit society had advantages by having adapted to using dogs as transport animals, and developing larger weapons and other technologies superior to those of the Dorset culture.

Warfare was not uncommon among those Inuit groups with sufficient population density.

Inuit such as the Nunatamiut (Uummarmiut), who inhabited the Mackenzie River delta area, often engaged in warfare.

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