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He also said that he has never stayed in Cal’s house.This denial did not help in bringing down the rumor as the relationship of Cal, Kevin and Kelly was known well to the public to believe the ‘10 minutes and 2 times’ story.I don't believe my feet ever hit the floor as my father hauled me outside in front of everyone. Whitney's favorite story of mine was me sneaking into the Church kitchen after communion.I liked the little glasses of grape juice that were left over. I couldn't have been over 6 at the time, but I would lean against the table and one by one I would knock them back.The rumor also had a part that Cal punched Kevin, which Cal denied after 10 years.Alyssa HP88 andress_jade Aurielle bethanyr Brathan Supporter Carolyn Pattie casual observer charlitawh denise19 dwil90 Erica Callie Shipper greenday123 Gob Smacked82 hlgreenie Jojo kevneylove kiki242 Kittie Darkhart km69101 lilme prettygirl A quin611 Rachel Farmer Raven03 Saffa Girl Whitneydreams whitney&kevinforever "It's very easy to fall in love with Whitney" "I promised her two things," "That I would be right there with her, and she would not be bad." "It was really nice, really a joy to work with Kevin," , "and it had a lot to do with his personality. "That was more exciting for me than the actual idea that he is this hunk Kevin Costner. We all know that, but that's not what I was looking for." "We kind of made a deal," "He loves to sing, he loves music" "Okay, Kevin, I'll help you with your singing if you help me with the acting." The Feeling Of Love Was Mutual, But Not Always Vocal He'll Always Love Her He Waited For Her Their Love Wasn't Meant To Be, But They Still Held Onto It All Those Years They Were In Love, But It Wasn't Meant To Be Not Meant To Be, But Still Soulmates She Was His Sweet Miracle An Endless Love I'd like to thank Cissy and Dionne for the honor of being here, for everybody in the Church treating my wife and I so gracefully. I was probably 4 years old and seemed to be always in the way. I always took great comfort in watching my mom and aunt sing knowing that they would never fall through that floor where I had worked.However, Christine was very adamant about it and thought of breaking the relationship.She told him to get back to her, if he changed his mind about children.

He is well known for his works in, ‘The Untochables’, ‘Bull Durham’ and ‘Field of dreams’. After four years of an affair with her, he married her. The separation from his first wife costed him 80 million dollars.

He is now living with Christine and his three children.

He has a good relationship with Cindy and all his 7 children.

Kevin denied this rumor and stated that he has seen Kelly only twice in his lifetime.

According to him, he wouldn’t have spent more than 10 minutes with her.

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Cal allowed Kevin to stay in his house during the wrap of ‘Postman’.

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