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Last year, Norway made headlines with its major crackdown against child abuse dubbed Operation Dark Room.

In recent months, the investigation has grown to involve more suspects and cases.

"The fact that the offenders are located abroad requires international police cooperation and exchange of information.

The issues are particularly demanding due to the scope, complexity and international differences.

An outcome of desperation and brokenness in the home is the 250,000 Filipino children living on the streets, making them prime targets for traffickers.

This breeding grounds for exploitation is further fueled by a hypersexualized mainstream society.

Norwegian police are particularly worried about child abuse happening abroad.

The assaults were streamed online, and Norwegians paid to watch the abuse.

The price for such a grim spectacle varied between and , the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet revealed.

The police also revealed an incriminating chat log, where a Norwegian man ordered the abuse of a Philippine girl asking for the victim to be "as young as possible." The person in the Philippines offered an "assortment" of children aged from two to 13, and the Norwegian "customer" settled for six.

Children are being victimized in their own home—sometimes by a parent or a sibling. All it takes is an internet connection, a webcam and a child. At any one time, the UN and FBI suspect as many as 750,000 people are online in search of child cybersex.

The steady flow of deviant desires and addictions of others—Westerners, primarily—is what supplies the deep reservoir full of child victims.

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