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An outcome of desperation and brokenness in the home is the 250,000 Filipino children living on the streets, making them prime targets for traffickers.This breeding grounds for exploitation is further fueled by a hypersexualized mainstream society.If your word association for the Philippines is volcanic islands or white sand beaches fringed with palm trees, you’re on the right track. While it’s rightfully known for its charming, happy-go-lucky people and the allure of its 7,000 tropical islands, this Southeast Asian country has a darker side.Just like 166 other countries in our world today, the Philippines has a strong presence of human trafficking.The Philippine government isn’t being completely complacent in all this. But what good is a law against exploitation when parents are so desperate to feed their families that they choose an unfavorable option that feeds the family?It started establishing laws against human trafficking back in the 1990s, made cybersex punishable in 2012 and is meeting the minimum standards to eliminate human trafficking according to the U. And yes, non-governmental organizations have industriously spread awareness by posting hotline numbers everywhere from airports to subways to ferries, amongst other campaigns.The Norwegian police reported that the supply and demand for live streaming of sexual abuse of children is increasing, and there is every reason to believe that more similar cases will be unearthed in the future."A single person can often stand behind many serious assaults against many different children.

The assaults were streamed online, and Norwegians paid to watch the abuse.

A haven for pedophiles and porn users, this form of cybersex allows anonymous viewers to pay as little as or for a live-streamed “show” featuring a child—sometimes as young as 2 or 3 years old—who is then sexually abused according to the client’s specifications.

What’s even harder to digest is that many of these cybersex businesses are operated by families. In the Philippines alone, cybersex is a billion-dollar industry profiting off tens of thousands of children, who are in no short supply given that 40 percent of the population is under 18. While other businesses and criminal industries require considerable start-up capital, live-streamed child porn is low-cost and virtually undetectable.

The Norwegian police believe the geographic distance and the use of webcams make the live broadcasts more brutal.

"The investigation shows that live streaming of sexual abuse is not a new type of crime, and we see that the orders and the execution of such abuses have been in progress for several years.

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