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We see this as a huge advantage and do everything we can to exploit it.

We serve the close-knit communities of Alston Moor and the upper Weardale and Teesdale valleys, and our schools mirror that. Links with parents are strong, and often on first name terms. Our children feel secure and gain the skills, qualifications and confidence that they need to enjoy their lives outside and beyond school.

This stimulates the growth of several follicles instead of just 1 or 2.

Whether the patient needs IVF will depend on the infertility diagnosis and the treatment plan required in addressing the condition.It is suitable for patients who are unable to have natural intercourse.It is not a successful method for women whose partners have poor sperm quality.This option involves the use of medication to stimulate the ovaries, causing or regulating ovulation.The medication in combination with IUI has been shown to increase pregnancy rates over natural cycle IUI.

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