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My brother’s Mellors-esque fawn suede slacks and Lincoln green-shirted rig-out when a gamekeeper certainly attracted a good deal of feminine attention, on the other hand.

They were sent over there because their accommodation blocks at Burtonwood were not ready in time, and were transported to and from Burtonwood in trucks.

RAF Shepherds Grove is located on the outskirts of the sleepy Suffolk village of Stanton.

It was built during WW2 as an airfield for bombers.

When the tables were turned, heroism was not found to be a sexually attractive trait in women.

Joost Leunissen, one of the study’s authors, remarked: “This provides evidence for the hypothesis that gender differences in inter-group conflict can have an evolutionary origin, as only males seem to benefit from displaying heroism.” Translation: despite having moved on from our cave phase, men still score points by hitting each other with rocks, while women are expected to swoon.

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If you have memories of being stationed at any of these locations and/or have your own photographs you would like to share with readers, then please use the email link at the top and bottom of each page. The Fairey Aviation Company Limited, a British aircraft manufacturer, founded in 1915, with bases in Hayes in Greater London and Heaton Chapel and RAF Ringway in Greater Manchester, was appointed the parent company of the Burtonwood Repair Depot (BRD) in September 1940, and Mary Anne Site was developed for the BRD.

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