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With nine provincial correctional centres across British Columbia, our correctional officers can work in a variety of settings.

Whatever you're looking for, you might just find it with BC Corrections.

Watch these videos to learn more about a job in BC Corrections, or read a video transcript. Greg, security officer: “You know, I moved away from home when I was fifteen to play hockey and then done it until I was thirty-eight years old and that’s all I really kind of knew. And communication is a big way of dealing with that.” : Catelin, correctional officer: “I was born in Romania. And then I came in Canada and finally I did my passion, building musical instruments [plays two notes on the violin string].

Please note that the web address given at the end of the videos is outdated. And so, I was looking for something outside hockey that really piqued my interest. What is very, very good for me and what I appreciate is that the hours in corrections allow me to pursue my hobby also.

“The way society is going now, I don’t know how many people have the same job like they used to have. You have days just like anywhere else, but if you have the mindset that you can help people and you enjoy doing that, then I think you can have a very fulfilling career here.” : Anne, correctional officer: “Well, I have a lot of leadership skills that I brought over. It’s amazing how being with them you realize we are all the same and we have to help each other.” : Kevin, correctional officer: “Well I had my own business for about ten years, myself and my wife.

We decided that we had to close down the business and I had to start looking for other options.

The correctional officer is vital to fulfilling the mission of the British Columbia Corrections Branch, Adult Custody Division.

Find out if becoming a correctional officer is the right career path for you.

Contact a recruiter by email to learn more about upcoming information sessions or book an information session now!

This is almost the same team concept, and a lot of variety every day at work, and so it really interested me. “Before I came into corrections, I had lots of contacts with all kinds of cultures, all kinds of backgrounds. You have challenges, like, you have to understand them, listen to them.

“I was a professional hockey player for sixteen years and then moved into coaching junior hockey, and then found my way into corrections. Some of them have a totally different culture than your culture or my culture.

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