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I purchased a cellular telephone for my classroom and turned it on during my 90-minute planning block so parents could reach me, if needed, on a daily basis."--Margie Robinson (Viera, Florida) First-year teacher Katy Goldman (Pine, Arizona) believes that children learn best "when given the opportunity to taste, feel, see, hear, manipulate, discover, sing, and dance their way through learning." But the parents of her students were clamoring for a more back-to-basics approach.

It's amazing how quickly a child can achieve mastery when the support of a parent is present." xxx Teachers say parents may not make the first move but generally will respond when asked to help at home or play a role in the classroom.Aside from the aforementioned two restrictions, the third item shared was a recommendation for parents and guardians to first refer to an institution’s head teacher or principal if they have issues with any teachers.Failure to adhere to the guidelines would entitle the school to contact the police for assistance in dealing with offending parents, he said.“It is always best to speak to the school’s principal or administrator if they are concerned their children are being punished for unclear reasons, rather than go all the way to file a police report right away,” he said.The code’s guidelines come in the wake of recent events involving teachers and parents, such as the case at Nilai in April last year when 44-year old SK Taman Semarak teacher Azizan Manap disciplined an 11-year old pupil for skipping classes and sniffing glue.In October he was ordered to appear in court to face charges of hurting the student.

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