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We are the only ones to offer such high quality chat and dating services completely free of charge to everyone. Did you know that almost all of the leading internet dating sites charge a fee? COM is not a factory and you are not simply a number! We haven't been to see any investors and we haven't raised millions to set up this dating site.

Our site is essentially funded by advertising, INDIA. Access to PROXIMEETY INDIA and its services is 100% free! Nor do we spend a fortune on marketing to keep our site going.

PROXIMEETY INDIA offers a high quality service, with no phoney profiles and no fiddles.

The girls are really moving forward to get into a good relation.

The country has most of billionaire’s in the world, so there would be many rich men who want to get into such kind of relationship.

The dating app’s shopping-meets-hook-up-experience premise is a strong departure from the traditional Indian mindset toward finding a partner — a pursuit that is only ever meant to end in marriage, and which does not typically encourage women to play an active role in making decisions. many of which would be considered scandalous by typical Indian standards.

So when I stumbled upon #100Indian Tinder Tales on Facebook — a project by Indian artist and illustrator Indu Harikumar that documents the stories and experiences of Tinder users in India and Indians using Tinder abroad — one of the first things that stood out to me was that most stories featured clearly articulated likes and dislikes, sexual preferences, fantasies, and experiences . Indu embarked on this project to find inspiring new content for her daily art practice.

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