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And when the mother of all prophecies is fulfilled, it is inconceivable that John is not going to mention it.

Dating the Book of Revelation There is considerable disagreement among students of Revelation as to when it was written.

Click Here to listen Adapted from the Afterword of The Last Sacrifice Tuesday, October 18, 2005 The Last Disciple series is based on an interpretation of Scripture that holds that the entire, not just Revelation, but the entire New Testament was completed prior to the destruction of the Temple in AD 70.

In contrast, the Left Behind series is based on the assumption that Revelation was written in AD 95, long after Jerusalem’s destruction.

Well intentioned people then set out to force Revelation into a time frame which is not in conflict with their belief that all divine inspiration ceased with the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

First we'll deal conclusively with the belief that all divine inspiration ended in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem.

It asserts, in fact, that Revelation describes events that will likely take place in the twenty-first century rather than the first century.

The confirmation of that covenant was the role which the Holy Spirit of God engaged in during the infancy of the church (Mark , Romans ).Would it be historically ridiculous or historically reasonable to suppose this history had been written prior to the outbreak of World War II? Just as it stretches credulity to suggest that a history on the Jews in Germany written in the aftermath of World War II would make no mention of the Holocaust, so too it is quite unlikely that Revelation could have been written twenty-five years after the destruction of Jerusalem and yet make no mention of the most apocalyptic event in Jewish history.Finally, those who hold that the book of Revelation was written in AD 95 face an even more formidable obstacle!Josephus describes the utter devastation as the altar was surrounded by “corpuses, blood flowing down the steps of the sanctuary.” He says “The temple was in flames, the victors stole everything they could get their hands on.They slaughtered all who were caught, no pity shown for age or rank, old or young, children, men, women, the laity, the priests, they’re all massacred.” And he also notes that the Temple was doomed August 30 AD 70, “the very day on which the former temple had been destroyed by the king of Babylon.” As incredible as Christ’s prophecy and its fulfillment one generation later are, it is equally incredible to suppose that the apostle John would make no mention of it. Because as a student of history knows, as the student of the Bible is well aware of, when prophecy is fulfilled, the biblical writers mentioned it.

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To answer this we can look to the seventy weeks prophecy of Daniel as recorded in chapter 9, verses 25-27.

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