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The Walking Dead Date Night Zombies, mystery, and suspense.... It's always fun to dress up with your sweetheart, but sometimes it can seem a little daunting to find the perfect couples costumes!what more could you want out of a date night before Halloween? There is so much pressure to have a cute, clever or funny Halloween costume. check out these 50 EASY last minute couples Halloween costume ideas... In honor of the month of Halloween, we rounded up... Take a trip to the Pumpkin Patch and collect your pumpkins! Continue Reading Halloween is just around the corner which means there are lots of plans to be done - decorations, picking the best costume and of course, carving the perfect pumpkin!Deep down, I want to be in one of those couples who loves watching I'd like to have a meet-cute in the Halloween aisle of a Hot Topic.Fall makes me want to reel in a boyfriend and take a hayride to go apple picking. My partner can be Mario, and I'll be Luigi — or whatever! There is definitely something special about Halloween time, and there's something even more special about it if you're in love.All that scaring calls for some pretty Franken-tastic threads and that's where we come in! Whether you're throwing a Halloween party for kids, teens, adults, or the whole gang; we've rounded up enough Halloween game ideas to keep the party exciting until the monsters come out. We've gathered up Halloween games for the whole family! Continue Reading Decorate Your Car for Trunk or Treat Trunk or Treating is all the rage and if you've got a car to decorate look no further! With our list of over one hundred DIY Halloween costumes, we'll help all the monsters in your family look their absolute freakiest; everyone from that hunk of a hubby to the family pet! It's the best way to spend an evening, whether it's October or not.

Continue Reading Fall Date for Couples Fall is upon us and that means... We can’t get enough of this super-duper-squash and a visit to the pumpkin patch is number one on our list. From a bright and bold invite to a one-of-a-kind infographic, our printable pack will make for an Autumny date like no other! Continue Reading DIY Halloween Costumes for Everyone Tricks, treats, and whole lotta haunts are creepin' around the corner... Continue Reading Spooky Halloween Games Halloween time means PAR-TAY time! If you're planning a spooky party this year, look no farther! Many neighborhoods, schools and church communities have transitioned to a Trunk...

Take a laptop to a creepy location and watch a scary movie (think woods, abandoned warehouse, your unfinished basement, a cemetery). S’mores and creepy tales are still just as fun as adults! Listen to a creepy story podcast, once again, think of a cool location to visit. Make a Halloween-themed meal together- like dinner in a pumpkin, creepy looking food, pumpkin chili, pumpkin cookies…did I mention anything pumpkin? In Arizona, we have a few ghosts towns with ghost tours only about two hours from Phoenix, and everywhere has something. Sometimes it’s just fun to be on the other end of terrified and laugh a lot.

It was low-key with plenty of creepy themed food, It’s the right amount of scary and fun, and it’s a great free/cheap date that’s so fun to do alone or as a group. Channel your youth camp experiences and find a place to build a bonfire and share ghost stories. I can’t tell you how many places were supposed murder sights in the mountains I grew up in. But a night of zombies chasing you while getting your thrills on rides is definitely an all around adrenaline rush! We love jumping out of piles of leaves, dressing creepy to visit our parents, setting up scary decor, etc.

I’ve heard many people ask for ideas of what to do on Halloween if you’re not invited to a party. You may as well make dinner together and enjoy trick-or-treaters in the company of friends.

Our first year as an official couple we were recently engaged and found ourselves in this conundrum. Even if you have nowhere to go, you can get creative and take some pictures. Trust us, we did it our first year and had a great time with our pictures, even though we ended up missing our planned Halloween activities. You can also tell the story of all your childhood costumes. Make a Halloween-themed meal together- like dinner in a pumpkin, creepy looking food, pumpkin chili, pumpkin cookies…did I mention anything pumpkin?

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