Halloween dating ideas

And there is nothing better than halloween date ideas to keep your love life scary as hell.

The air gets crisp, the clothing gets cozy, and everyone's Starbucks order gets a little bit more annoying.

Make caramel apples, they take time, and you can add a lot of cool toppings to make them pretty darn amazing!

And you know the Dating Divas are all about making every season special and fun!

So, once again, we have rounded up 50 MORE Halloween food ideas for your haunting pleasure! Looks like you are all set for a fun, festive, and delicious Halloween! Well check out our original post: 50 FUN Halloween Foods. Check out our 50 Last Minute Couples Halloween Costumes!

These ideas are perfect for your Halloween party or simply for making a family meal a little more spooktastic!

We’re a bit obsessed with Hitchcock after being invited to a friend’s Hitchcock movie night. I’m all about being respectful with this one so know your boundaries, but watching the sunset in an appropriate spot is just creepy enough to make it a perfect romantic and scary Halloween date. They are all kinds of fun, and you can go casual or dress up. If you’re terrible people like we are, go scare those you love.

I love that these are getting more and more popular and that the makeup is becoming a bigger trend for Halloween costumes.

It’s a night you can be anything you want to be, there’s candy involved, and the slight adrenaline rush from being a little scared goes a long way. I hate these horror flicks, but hello cuddle time (which I adore)! I will hold onto those cookie cutters forever even if we move to some small apartment in Europe someday. I have an obsession, and if you need inspiration feel free to check out my Pumpkin Obsession Pinterest board. Most local theaters do a Halloween/horror play, look into tickets! Look up the story, re-tell, and go visit that site!

I’ve heard many people ask for ideas of what to do on Halloween if you’re not invited to a party. You may as well make dinner together and enjoy trick-or-treaters in the company of friends.

Our first year as an official couple we were recently engaged and found ourselves in this conundrum. Even if you have nowhere to go, you can get creative and take some pictures. Trust us, we did it our first year and had a great time with our pictures, even though we ended up missing our planned Halloween activities. You can also tell the story of all your childhood costumes. Make a Halloween-themed meal together- like dinner in a pumpkin, creepy looking food, pumpkin chili, pumpkin cookies…did I mention anything pumpkin?

I can't think of a better first date idea than going to a psychic or tarot card reader and finding out the fate of your relationship with your partner. are all great examples of movies that have multiple films in their series, so you and your significant other can make an entire night of spooking each other out.

Visit the psychic together, and ask about the details of your relationship. Grab some snacks, a blanket, make a pillow fort, and have a Halloween-themed Netflix and chill with your significant other.

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