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When the chorus was done, they used the same chord structure to form a more subdued set of verses."When you have a chorus that feels so immediate like that, the point of the verses is to really stay out of the way of that," says busbee.

But transitioning back to the chorus was tricky."The chord progression puts you in a bit of a corner where you can't get out of it," says Urban.

"The song is about wanting to heal somebody, wanting to take care of somebody, wanting to protect somebody.

It’s really like a vow in so many ways.""The Fighter" came to fruition when Urban was playing the supportive role in his marriage, spending time in London while actress Nicole Kidman starred in the West End production of during the fall of 2015.

11 on the Hot Country Songs chart dated June 4, 2016.

Country Music Association members also nominated it for musical event of the year in the fall. And its source is personal."It's all from a conversation my wife and I had early on in our relationship, that when things get tough, I need to hold her tighter and just try to take care of her," says Urban.

Masorti on Campus (Mo C) is a student organization for Conservative Judaism (also known as "Masorti") on North American college and university campuses; working with Hillel and other Jewish campus life organizations.

The words to that section were hammered out on yet another day. The album was to be mastered on March 25, 2016, to make the May 6 street date, and “The Fighter” was the only unfinished track. Louis on March 23, so busbee and engineer Dave Clauss flew in to meet her at Smith Lee Productions, a studio that works more often with corporate clients than on commercial recordings.

Its design features a nondescript exterior and a brick-faced control room.

“It was functional, had a cool vibe and everything worked,” says busbee. ”Busbee was a bit sheepish about his falsetto parts on the demo, though they were a great guide for Underwood.“They kept apologizing for that, but I actually thought he sounded pretty good,” notes Underwood.

“It was just enough for me to get a sense of things but not too much that I couldn’t make the part my own.”Underwood and busbee talked for more than a half-hour before she went into the vocal booth, and she knocked it out in just a few takes.

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