Dating shy quiet guy

You need to understand that the level of introversion in shy guys differ significantly.

Some stay quiet just because while others remain silent until it’s the right time to speak or when they find something important to contribute to the conversation.

These guys are loveable, and girls feel a lot safer when around them.

Even though they rarely talk, shy guys are great conversationalists because they know how to listen.

This means he will spend quality time during foreplay and we know that this is the key to stronger orgasms.

The only issue with shy guys is that they take too long to ask girls out but in case they have girlfriends, they score higher marks bedroom matters than the bold men.

That is why if you are a very talkative girl, you would want to date a guy who doesn’t compete with you in a conversation.

On the other hand, bold guys tend to boast about how great they are, giving you no chance to talk about yourself.

But there are obvious signs you should look out for to know once and for all that this cute shy guy likes you. If you are wondering if a shy guy is interested in you or not, these signs will not lie.1) He first asked you to be his friend on Twitter, Whatsapp, or Facebook2) He doesn’t treat you like other girls3) Other guys tease him when you are together4) He is a nervous wreck when you get close5) He tells you his deep secrets6) He shows signs of attraction but doesn’t make a move7) He prefers to interact with you online8) You were the first to propose a date9) He seems annoyed when you talk about another guy10) He constantly stares at you11) He will do anything to defend you nonetheless12) He likes whatever you do13) He is very attentive14) He helps you all the time15) He acts all smiley around you Naturally, women talk more than men.

By their nature, shy guys hardly dominate conversations.

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