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Please remember each ticket is a bearer instrument. You can collect a prize of up to and including 0 from any of the New York Lottery retailers.

We invite you to learn more about us, ask questions and visit our facilities as we put our combined 100-plus years of dedication and experience to work creating a bright and exciting future for our communities.

Rosalina hosts a Wednesday evening prayer group at 6pm at North, and also a Prayer Shawl ministry on the second Saturday morning of each month at 10am...

This Changes Everything (Baptism Weekend) – In just a couple of weeks, the weekend of February 24th/25th, we will be celebrating the sacrament of baptism at North.

(See End Of Game Schedule here.) Never hand a lottery ticket to anyone without knowing how much it's worth.

(If you have to give a ticket to anyone to assess its value or collect winnings, sign the ticket first and always keep your ticket in view.)Read the back of your ticket(s) to learn about alternative methods for claiming your prize (e.g.

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Arc of Genesee Orleans is more than an agency, organization or service provider; it’s a true community.

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