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Here are five looks to help make your next Netflix and chill feel both comfy and chic.Dating Vogue Italia Editorus Son Page Six Us Anna Wintour Husband Daughter Is Dating Vogue Italia .And don’t forget that some of the most important accessories are not exactly wearable.

This, in case you’re wondering, is a great reversal of the previous trend. ”He was driving me to LAX when I conducted this survey. He’d told me his first relationship after his divorce didn’t work out because, though he loved her, he was not love with her. He had not shied away from telling me how he loves my voice; the way I make him feel; my lips; the texture of my hair; every minute we spend connecting our minds, bodies, souls. But any good data scientist knows that you should always make sure your data quality is high, which means collecting from as many sources as possible. In addition to multiple sources, you should ensure quality through various methods of collection. (On average 1.5; ranges from 1 to hundreds; null, since he shuns Uber and uses Lyft.)My favorite method of data collection, by far, is surveys. Bonus points for low correlation—you need unrelated sources to build the best signal. (As part of the divorce, he wasn’t supposed to introduce them to anyone he had been dating for less than six months; our first date was seven weeks prior.) I taught his son, age 7, permutations using scones at the bakery. Observational data is great: How many times a day does he call? If I want to know something, I ask.“James, why did you major in American history? I .)“You have no way of knowing,” he said on the phone, the first call after texting for weeks, “but this is not how I am normally. ”I was a math major in college, so I tend to see patterns everywhere I look. Except that someone also lets the book get buried beneath coloring books and i Pads and too many commitments. After some additional analyses, time-series (how does he compare to my past, or I to his? Why does he say yes to every social engagement, even the things he knows he can’t do? On Sunday, he wanted me to give him a personalized tour of my alma mater and to go to my favorite restaurant for dinner. Earlier, we had rosé and oysters, and suddenly, I was in the mood for ice cream.“James, want to get some Toscanini’s? Maybe his friend got the same text I did before our cancelled date.He was 12 minutes late to our first date and, if it had happened, would have been over 120 minutes late to the second: not a good pattern. ) and cross-sectional (how does he compare to current viable options? After all that playing house, I was excited for some alone time. ”“Well, aren’t we going to your favorite tapas place in just a bit? Maybe his friend knew that when James made plans, they weren’t really plans. The gut——exists for times when your mind is operating on data overload.

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