Creek without a paddle dating

The tranquility of South Sandy Creek allows a paddler to reach what’s called “mindfulness” in Eastern traditions.

There are moments when the smallest detail catches your eye, while you also sense a transcendent connection to the world through water.

Last summer, I had the pleasure of visiting the 1000 Islands-Seaway region of upstate New York.

They flit near the water surface and rest frequently.

Black tern numbers have plummeted in recent decades.

Rising over the cat grass in the photo below is a kind of hogweed called cow parsnip, which looks like tall Queen Anne’s lace.

The DEC has issued warnings and seeks to eliminate invasive Central Asian hogweed, especially in areas where people are likely to come into contact with it.

It was oddly intriguing to be bounded by thickets of blistering hogweed, as if we were herded, corralled.

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