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Turns out her phone was off because she was out of town getting cosmetic surgery!Apparently, communication — always a key to a good relationship — wasn’t really a component with this couple."One day he sent me a photo of air tickets abruptly, and I thought it was a joke.He didn’t contact me later." Once her suitor arrived at the airport and tried to contact her, he couldn’t reach her."So I told myself ‘if today was my last day, what would I want to do?

And they will not want to pursue anything." She added: "I don’t pay for anything. "I’ve travelled with different types of guys, but I didn’t have sexual relations with all of them." Heidy, who says travel dating saved her life, added: "I suffered from depression for two years straight and I got to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore.

It’s basically like a blind date." Heidy has hundreds of followers on her Facebook account, but not all the reactions have been positive. "I have been called bad names before like a gold digger.

But I don’t feel that way and when I’m on these trips I do not ask for money.

"I’m only on the website to travel and see the world. "So if anybody wants to call me a bad name, I don’t take that because I know I’m not there for that reason." Despite claiming she doesn't ask for money, Heidy has been given gifts of up to £1,500 after her trips.

She added: "Some of them have asked me to move in with them, live with them.

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