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I haven't been able to find a guide or a forum topic that shows how to use the progress bar from an aspx page. WEB panel onto the Web Form and set the property value color and style. Html Controls Line 7: Line 8: Partial Class Progressbar Line 9: Inherits System. So now I have this great looking progress bar but I have no idea how to talk to it from my VB. The sample code makes it look simple: Compilation Error Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. I'm working in Visual Web Developer 2005 and when I load the example project, the progress bar works beautifully.I have no idea how to get it into my web site though. I drag and drop the Progressbar from the Control Toolbox EO. The Progress Bar control is typically used when an application performs tasks such as copying files or printing documents. To a user the application might look unresponsive if there is no visual cue. In my code I am updating the progress bar value with each step - In Form_Load of the main (hidden) form: frm Prog.

I tried to use everything, refresh the form it is on after every step, use refresh method of Progres Bar itself, Use refresh on get focus ans so on. Did anybody experience this and knows a fix to it??

Hi, I have an import feature that I want to display progress while its running.

the import feature is located in a Mdi Child the progress bar is located in a rad Status Strip on the Parent form here is the code I have and yet the Progress bar doesn't move untill after the loop is done.

Text = "Copying fax # " & Fax Counter & " of " & Record Count[/b] Batch Number = Clm Faxes. Text = "Copying fax # " & Fax Counter & " of " & Record Count Application.

Text = "" Get New Faxes() End If End Sub Private Sub Get New Faxes() Dim Clm Faxes As New Data Table Dim Batch Number As Long Dim Batch Name As String Dim Total Pages As Integer Dim Source File As String Dim Dest File As String Dim Fax Counter As Integer Dim Record Count As Integer Dim Page Count As Integer Try Get Clm Faxes(m_Employee ID) Clm Faxes = Load Clm Faxes() Record Count = Clm Faxes. Count For Fax Counter = 1 To Record Count [b] sbl_Fax Status. To String("0000 Your code is stuck in the "Fax Counter" loop and therefore cannot properly update the GUI components. Do Events()" in the loop: For Fax Counter = 1 To Record Count sbl_Fax Status. Its intuitive dashboards are customizable, so you can create systems that work for you.

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