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She went into cardiac arrest but can’t fight it because of the chemo so it’s an episode of goodbyes. She thinks her mom died because they moved her room and when she finds out she’s alive she decides to forgive her and see her.

Also, I’d love any comments or opinions that you have. Jasper always seems to want this constant calmness within himself and Annie, but doesn’t work so well with him.At the end of the episode, Jasper kicks Navid down the stairs at school.In past seasons it seemed like Tamra and Simon had one of the best marriages of the bunch, but now there is definitely quite a bit of tension. Now she revamping her life and of course that means a new man.They get in a fight at their daughters party because of a vulgar comment someone made to Tamra. She is dating Slade, someone who has already dated 2 other housewives – Jo and Laurie. Personally, if my husband hadn’t been dead a year yet, I wouldn’t even consider dating. This is the first time all of them had been together in a while and since apparently there is someone everyone hates in this little group, of course drama ensues.

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