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The trauma had caused his second marriage to crumble causing differences between him and his ex-wife, Nikki.Recently on the occasion of Father's Day on June 18, 2017, the proud father of four children had some beautiful words for all the fathers.For all those smart single women out there, here's some advice: 1) Stop reading Maureen Dowd's column.Smart young women must reject the myth that men are intimidated by them.There's a high cost to this conventional wisdom -- and it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy for you if you have a bad attitude toward dating.In a national survey I conducted for my recent book, 65% of single men said they are more attracted to women who are successful in their careers.But now a source had revealed to Radar Online that they were having an affair a long time before this came up.In fact, Schwarzenegger had made the revelations in 2011, and the source remembered Dowd and Shriver meeting in a hotel in 2007, but the affair had been going on long before then.

Well, a new fact has come to light in the case of the divorce of his present day girlfriend Mariah Shriver with Arnold Schwarzenegger.Mathew Down had one of a tragic back story which people have heard about due to the controversy that Dowd is aligned with.Yes, I am talking about the Mariah Shriver controversy.When a person is finding a partner to share his/her life, then it's obvious to have some bitter experiences and failed relationship.Does a person's ability to have a committed and healthy relationship is determined by the failed relationship of the past?

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