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Thomas,” the latest installment of the long-standing reality television series in which a group of young strangers squeeze together under one roof for three months to share their lives with a mass audience, has come under some criticism since it aired a few weeks ago.And when I say “criticism” I don’t mean to suggest that the folks on this show have done anything particularly controversial, or that the show-runners have tweaked the format in any particularly problematic way.Trey, in turn, felt smothered by her simultaneously and implicitly asked "for more" in his herky-jerky flirtatious response. Brandon starts to feel like an outsider, which is interesting because isn’t everyone still an outsider at this point?He proceeds to detail suicidal thoughts in his journal and streak naked into the Jacuzzi hoping to incite Laura’s attention. I’d like to discuss some factors that may explain this ‘stupid’ series of behaviors, which, by the way, are not the most stupid things to inhabit the world of stupidity.How anxiety-provoking must it be to awaken and know—without any previous experience in the limelight - that millions of people are going to learn about you in intimate detail? I gather it piques in the first 24 hours as there’s maximal intensity to the discomfort and maximal uncertainty about how the experience of it all is going to turn out. The anxiety does what it is designed to do - amp up the situation and propel a fight-or-flight response that tends to lead to frantic, impulsive, excessively emotional decisions and actions.

By the way, there’s an official term for the phenomenon that I’ve been describing—in case you care about that sort of thing—it’s called the fundamental attribution error.

Why is "stupidity" in quotes—because it’s a simple, common and catchy phrase that I’ll use as an umbrella term for maladaptive, impulsive, irrational and all the other negative descriptors of behavior that are implicitly associated with the term.

Now, before I go further I want to pause for a little soapbox time.

It’s the thing that always underlies stupidity of this kind and it’s hardly ever discussed. What are some of the most anxious mornings you’ve awakened to? What’s my place in the house going to be—is anyone going to like me?

Maybe you’re first date; maybe your first day of college; maybe your first big job interview. In addition to the novelty of it, you were stepping out into the world and into the judgment and evaluation of your character by others. These questions, and a thousand other points of self-doubt and fear, are likely whirling away in the minds of these young cast mates, these partially formed and intensely vulnerable sets of identities.

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