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As the cheers echoed throughout the old gym, no one cared that Al Grigsby's college career was less than it might have been.No one cared that Grigsby might have become the greatest front court player in school history if only he had two good legs and a healthy back. Cherry Cordials, Spicy Pralines, and the cult favorite, Beer and Pretzel Caramels.Yes, you really can make these sublime treats at home thanks to Liz Gutman and Jen King, the classically trained pastry chefs who traded in their toques to make candy—and now lead the candy-craft movement as proprietors of Liddabit Sweets, the Brooklyn confectionery whose products have drawn the attention of The Early Show, Fox and Friends, the Cooking Channel, O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, Food & Wine, GQ, and more.

Cal fans questioned whether Grigsby would ever play again, let alone continue at such a high level. 22 starters in football, 5 in hoops, 50 divided by 4 is about 12 - which doesn't sound nearly as cool as 16.Only two of them have a jersey hanging in Haas Pavilion, alongside Grigsby's #4.'95-'96 was a wash too when the back flared up after just a few games. But when the NCAA, in a rare moment of humanity, granted Grigsby a sixth year, he dragged his body back onto the court at the end of 1996.What was heartbreaking was watching Grigsby try each year, and then shut it down when he couldn't stand up straight (let alone play). He had a new coach (somehow it was appropriate that Grigsby was absent for the Bozeman meltdown) who favored deliberate half-court sets and rugged defense.

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