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If you think you have OCD, talk to your doctor about your symptoms.

If left untreated, OCD can interfere in all aspects of life.

The causes of OCD are unknown, but risk factors include: Twin and family studies have shown that people with first-degree relatives (such as a parent, sibling, or child) who have OCD are at a higher risk for developing OCD themselves.

The risk is higher if the first-degree relative developed OCD as a child or teen.

Imaging studies have shown differences in the frontal cortex and subcortical structures of the brain in patients with OCD.

If symptoms do not improve with these types of medications, research shows that some patients may respond well to an antipsychotic medication (such as risperidone).

Although research shows that an antipsychotic medication may be helpful in managing symptoms for people who have both OCD and a tic disorder, research on the effectiveness of antipsychotics to treat OCD is mixed.

There appears to be a connection between the OCD symptoms and abnormalities in certain areas of the brain, but that connection is not clear. Understanding the causes will help determine specific, personalized treatments to treat OCD.

People who have experienced abuse (physical or sexual) in childhood or other trauma are at an increased risk for developing OCD.

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