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The War of 1812 caused political upheaval in the south, particularly with the Royal Navy blockade of the US Gulf Coast ports but after the Treaty of Ghent and resumption of peace, New Orleans was firmly American, after passing through French and Spanish hands.

Steamboats on the Mississippi benefited from technology and political changes.Later, with better pilots, more powerful engines and boilers, removal of obstacles and experienced rivermen knowing where the sand bars were, the figure was reduced to 4 days. The first Natchez was a low pressure sidewheel steamboat built in New York City in 1823.It originally ran between New Orleans and Natchez, Mississippi, and later catered to Vicksburg, Mississippi.After the development of railroads, passenger traffic gradually switched to this faster form of transportation, but steamboats continued to serve Mississippi River commerce into the early 20th century.The Mississippi is one of the world’s great rivers.

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