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(And the dishes don't have a benefit to the environment) From my chair as an onsite manager of 451 homes, I believe it should not only be permitted, but encouraged.

I have lived in two condominium complexes, the first one from 1984 to 1998 and the second from 1998 to the present.

: I think clotheslines are disliked due to the fact that some people don't like their appearance.

We didn't like the appearance of satellite dishes either, but they have arrived and are pretty much ignored now.

and have had to use the dryer for a few minutes because we are not allowed to dry anything on the patio railings.

This is a waste for the Association to use the dryer for a few minutes and a waste of money for us to spend money to use the dryer for 10 or 15 minutes. Hope some of the HOA's will let us use clotheslines.

Everyone uses the sun and the air in some form or another, be it a clothes line or a standing clothes dryer. If the association does not have a private courtyard for each residence that would allow for some regulated clotheslines, they could set something up in the common area that could be made unobtrusive. It isn't as nice as drying clothes in the sunshine, but both my electric and gas utilization are very low, which feels pretty good.Laundry can be hung in an organized and beautiful way. I love the look and feel of clothes dried on clothes lines.We need more grassroots actions to help curtail the warming of earth. I've managed community associations for seven years. I would love for homeowners to challenge this ruling on moral grounds, but I won't hold my breath.The fate of all living things on one side, the look of someone's balcony on another. Or is it technologically feasible to have a common drying room inside where there is ventilation that would allow clothes to dry without excessive energy use. Rasnow for trying to encourage others to use clotheslines and bringing this to the attention of the H. I definitely encourage others to use it because it is a non-renewable energy source that people often take for granted.Using clotheslines is very effective during the summer especially and we often prefer it rather than using a dryer because it gives our clothes a longer life and also saves energy and money. Rasnow is trying to accomplish and she definitely has my vote.

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