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The TAP award estimate in your award letter was based on information you provided at the time of application.HESC determines your actual TAP award based on verified information, including your income as verified by the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.Usually, the FAFSA information is received at HESC within 3-4 business days.TAP has a multi-year application process, so students who have received TAP in the previous year may not be required to submit a new electronic TAP application.Your award should be considered an estimate until your college has certified your eligibility for TAP.Under the law, students are considered dependent upon their parents for TAP purposes unless they demonstrate that they are independent students.

Your TAP award is determined by HESC after information submitted on the application, such as income, is verified.

The processing of a TAP application may take three to five weeks.

During certain times of the academic year processing times for "Requests for Information" and "Change Forms" may vary depending on additional review needed for income verification or residency review.

As a result, the actual award may differ from your college’s estimate. Dependent undergraduate students or Independent students who are married and have tax dependents, or Independent students who are unmarried and have tax dependents, or beginning with the 2014-15 academic year, students who qualify as an orphan, foster child or ward of the court Yes, pension income is included in the calculation of a TAP award, and therefore, should be reported on the TAP Application.

Pensions of New York State, local and federal governments as well as any private pension and annuities are to be included in the calculation of income used for determining TAP award eligibility and must be reported on the TAP Application.

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Applicant must provide a copy of their DD214 showing an honorable discharge.

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