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After laughing off walking into a dead end, Wesley says the word “f**k” and then stops to take some photos. She dances on the show, and we’re just gonna have fun.” Noticing his “friend” is not interested in the conversation, and still hiding her... You and your best friend, Melissa, are walking home when your i Phone starts to buzz.

Two female fans tell Wesley he’s “so hot” and after taking a set of photos, ask the Emblem3 hottie if the girl is a friend or a “friend.” Yes, they threw up some air quotes. by Alexandra Capotorto It looks as though multiple ‘X Factor‘ contestants are walking away winners after all! You look at the screen and see it’s your older brother, Drew. ” you answer him with an annoyed tone.”Is that the way to answer you’re most special brother? “Yea it kinda is,” you said in the same annoyed tone as Melissa giggles.

While most singers / reality competition contestants would not choose to put their heart on their sleeve online (especially when there are already thousands of women fawning all over you), he tried to do that with a certain singer and Nickelodeon star.

A few days ago, Drew tried to get his Twitter base to arrange it so that former “Victorious” actress Ariana Grande (who has since moved on to the upcoming “Sam & Cat”) would go out with him.

Pop Candies TV caught up with Wesley as he was walking down the street with a mystery brunette. Wes: Long enough, and that’s definitely a good idea, babe. by Carita Rizzo So I take it you’re over the elimination. Keaton: I was thinking, “Oh my God, that’s so cool, they’re all such amazing cute girls.” I’m happy they made it through.

The girl in question, which we later find out is a dancer from the show, covers her face from the camera as Wesley gladly stops to take pictures with some fans. Just to see the pure joy radiating off their faces, they were so happy to make it through and they’re so deserving...

In the message they thank their fans and remind them that they are loved by the band. We have seen so many reality music stars win and never become anything, so they might have lucked out here.

But backstage after the show, the guys of Emblem3 had a different take on Lovato's harsh words. "She's got one of those old school schoolgirl crushes, where the only way she knows how to flirt is by being mean." "Like Helga from 'Hey Arnold! "She has a shrine in her closet." "You should see Demi's closet! The guys admit the judges' bickering can be a distraction, but they're also able to tune it out. Wesley Stromberg: "On my day off I go back to Huntington and try to chill and relax. I get one day a week to spend it with my girl and that’s always really nice.

Emblem 3, who competed deep into Season 2 of American ‘X Factor,’ co-wrote much of the album, including the hit single ‘Chloe,’ a song which probably makes most 8th grade girls wish that was her name. Emblem3 — Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg and Drew Chadwick – are more than your average boy band, since they do pen their own tracks.

The album, as a whole, is the sonic equivalent of a large cup of Pinkberry frozen yogurt. ‘Nothing to Lose’ stays the course (upbeat pop) from start to finish.

“Epic and Columbia both want Emblem3,” revealed an insider. Country crooner Tate Stevens might've taken home the X Factor crown last night, but Simon Cowell has his eyes set on another XF talent! and Simon hinted to us at the finale that they'd still be working together, regardless of the fact that Reid has stepped down as judge! I did not write this article, it was copy-pasted from link. Kennedy, Los Angeles Times December 24, 2012, a.m. And in the end everything just flows together in this natural crazy way a blossoms into something beautiful. Among the most likely of pop stars is Huntington Beach, Calif.-based trio Emblem3, who, while expressing their dissatisfaction with recent performances, are hoping to unveil a more original sound post-competition.

From what we last heard, Simon was gearing up to turn his boy bro trio, Emblem3, into superstars with a contract… Reid, have already built up quite a fanbase from the show — and Simon's NOT one to let them slip away! Could this mean they'll both be teaming up to make Emblem3 the next big thing??? The Huntington Beach band, mentored by Simon Cowell, was eliminated before the show's finals, but so what? And though mentor Simon Cowell has urged them to stick with the mainstream for their performances on the Fox show (the anti-boy band has so often been compared to X Factor U. alum One Direction), it appears he still believes in their ska punk-like roots.

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