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He was a graduate of Altoona High School and earned an associate degree from Penn State's Altoona and main campuses.

21, 1955, in Altoona to Eugene and Hilda Holtz Wills.

Aaron said he has countless memories of sitting with his father listening to Penn State games on the radio.

“I broadcast high school football games now, and I feel like that interest definitely came from those memories,” he said.

In a members profile, hunters/fishermen list what species they hunt or fish and where – whether on private or public land – and what species they’d like to hunt or fish.

Hunting & fishing enthusiasts can trade hunting and fishing trips with other Outdoorsman Exchange Members across the U. Wills was a hunter and fisherman, a member of the Youngwood Sportsmen's Association, and he enjoyed returning to his old hunting grounds in the Altoona area. “Green Springs in Blair County was a favorite spot.” Mr. “All my uncles and cousins would go together,” said Jordan Wills, 31, of Greensburg.“We'd chat on walkie-talkies every hour, see how everyone was doing.13, 2008 - PRLog -- Ladysmith, WI – Paul Fuchs has been an avid hunter since he was a child, and since his teens, has had the desire to hunt elk out West.However, dreams and desires to hunt a specific species such as elk sometimes get stopped short when a financial reality check steps in.

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Kathleen said her husband's background as an engineer came through in his life away from the job.

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